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Friday, July 08, 2011

Random Friday: No beach today.

Beach chair with book and hex

  • We've been to the lake every day since Saturday. We're taking today off to recover. It's a lot of fun, but there's not a lot of relaxing. I need to stay home and let me kids be unattended in their room for a day.
  • Six days on the lake and only I am sunburned. The kids are not. I win the mom prize.
  • This morning, I cleaned poop off the floor of every room of this apartment, EXCEPT the bathrooms. I'd like to let someone else be mom for a while, k?
  • The Princess has forgotten how to put herself back to sleep. She wakes up every 60-90 minutes. All. Night. Long. I am tired.
  • The hexes are coming along, thanks for asking. I'm not putting any pressure on myself to finish quickly. I'm still looking for a nice ticker type thing to add to my sidebar, but meanwhile I'm at 74 hexes made, out of that I've done 6 flowers and of those six I've made 1 into the full ring.
  • Mom is still here, she leaves a week from today. I've gotten a lot less done than I expected with her here. We have had some terrific yard sale luck though, I've been trying to photograph some of it to share with you.
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How was your week? What's new? What are you dong this weekend?

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  1. Being at the water with small children is exhausting, so I'm sure you need a break!

  2. I'm surprised my kids were not as white as vamps given that I never went out with them when they were young. I just could not handle working full time and then spending time outdoors, what required 100% of my attention. We spent a lot of time indoors in what I called a controlled environment.

    Hope the Princess figures out how to put herself back to sleep. Maybe she's going through a growth spurt.

  3. It's sad when a trip to the beach isn't relaxing! Maybe when they get a bit older. :)

  4. YOu need a break! Hopefully the Princess will remember how to get back to sleep and your beach memories will last a lifetime even though you spent it chasing them around!

    Great job on the sunscreen.

  5. The beach every day would be fun but definitely not relaxing for the mom of three youngsters!

  6. My youngest went through a phase of waking up every couple of hours during the night. I have no clue why and I have no idea why he stopped. If only I knew the anwers... :)

  7. Understand the poop thing. Oh and grrrr.


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