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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Work from home Monday: The craft show is in 18 days.

In 18 short days I'll be taking this show on the road and entering my first craft show. I'm incredibly nervous about many parts of it, but specifically, will I have enough product? I don't know the magic formula for determining how much product to take with me. I don't know if my table will look nice and full or if I'm going to look like a craft show rookie.  I made a list of goals for what I'd like to have made, and the last week or so have been plugging away at it.  This is a bit decieving, as I have some of them cut and that isn't on the list, but I can't take a half done item, so they aren't counted til they are done. (I also did not count my chickens.)  If things get awfully quiet around here in the next two weeks, please refer back to this list for a reason!

(PS. The random B at the top doesn't mean anything. The Pirate had the wrong marker and it won't go away.)


  1. Good luck completing your goals and at the craft show! I hope you sell out!

  2. Two things...bring drapey fabric and boxes so you can display stuff at different levels. I used to make cards and multi-level displays really made the stuff pop.

    Also, for that B written with the wrong market...write over it with a dry erase marker and it will come right off!

  3. Awesome! Good luck! Remember, no matter how it goes it is AWESOME that you are creating and making some goals and dreams come true. I'd love to make and sell crafts. The owl purses are Adorable!

  4. Please post a picture of your craft show table. I can't even remember if I've ever been to a craft show, so you know I will be greatly impressed by your table. I'm so glad I have a crafty friend like you!! Also, the B is for Brady and HE will never go away! :)


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