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Friday, November 04, 2011

Random Friday: 8 days

  • Yesterday I put candy corn in the popcorn I gave the kids for snack. I'm thinking I should have put it in a separate bowl. 
  • I have a job interview today for a part time seasonal job. It is not my ideal job. But there it is. I am really bummed about it, to tell you the truth. It would be nights, so I'll still be home with the kids.
  • I'm still sewing, but it's not picking up at all. The show is in 8 days and I'm not ready. I'm pretty discouraged about that too.
  • My BFF bought me a cute little necklace. I'm trying to look at it and think of how an acorn grows into something big, and so will my success. Or something fairly cheesey and motivational. I need motivational.
  • Sorry for the brief post today, I need to go try on every pair of pants in my closet now. Wish me luck!

What I Read This Week:
  • Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (not done)
  • Sweet Talk by Susan Mallery (ditto)
  • That loud and close one (ditto)

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  1. GOOD LUCK on your final week+ of crafting for the show!! If things get really tight, could you maybe get some prints taken and framed of custom items you've made for folks? That way, you'd be able to display more "merchandise" without the stress of actually making it and hauling it to the event site, and people would still be able to get a sense of the kind of work you do.

  2. Good luck getting things done for the fair! Good luck on the interview too, wear your new necklace, it's cute!

  3. The economy sucks right now. The last 3 years have been very difficult for the family business. Yes, I have a steady job but my husband's job is running the family business. We never know from day to day if it will be open tomorrow. It's THAT bad. We were supposed to retire on that business... not gonna happen. I am so depressed over it.

    So, your business is taking a hit I'm sure because everyone else seems to be taking a hit and just cannot afford the extras. The only businesses that are doing well, are business that refurbish stuff since many can't afford to buy new stuff. Maybe you can make furniture slipcovers or something like that.

  4. Hi Lisa!
    SO cute about the popcorn. LOL!!

    Good luck with the job opportunity, but honey, when will YOU ever rest and or sleep? Yikes. I will be sending you peace and strength telepathically. xo

    Very cute little necklace. Your motivational thoughts from it are not at all cheesy. It's brilliant!!

    Did you see the adorable I heart sewing necklace in that same Etsy shop? ADORABLE.

    Be well. xo

  5. Sounds like you've got lots on your shoulders. It is that time of the year especially with the holidays just around the corner. Hopefully, you will have a very successful craft show and things will start looking up. I'll send some good thoughts your way :)

  6. I hope the interview goes well. It might not be the ideal job, but maybe it would lead to something better.


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