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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Ideas for your leftover Halloween Candy? We EAT ours.

I'm curious, what do you do with leftover Halloween candy? I fall on the "let them have candy" side of the Halloween scale. We don't do a Candy Fairy, we don't pack it up for the firestation or dad's work, we don't trade it for toys or take it to the dentist. On Halloween night they are allowed to eat as much candy as they want.  Yes, you read that right.

The morning after Halloween I pack up most of the loot and stash it out of reach*. I leave a small amount in sight, and they are allowed to have a few pieces after school and after dinner. The Pirate takes a piece in his lunch box for as long as it lasts. I dole out what's left in this manner until we're down to tootsie rolls and then I put all the tootsie rolls on the table and let them have at it. This dynamic has changed a little with the addition of Bo Peep, who can hear the rustle of a candy wrapper from behind closed doors. I'm more aware of how much candy they get when I have someone else's child eating it too. Plus, the Princess, at 14 months, knows exactly what a candy wrapper is and will race her brothers to beg for a piece. (Wow, it sounds like we have a lot of candy around here! We don't really**.)

What do you do with your child's candy? Does it last forever? Did you have a ton to start with? Do you pick out all the Reese's cups and Mary Janes and let them have the rest? We didn't have a ton this year, maybe one large bowl that included what we didn't hand out***. 95% of ours were chocolate as well, very few Skittles, no Nerds, no Pixie Sticks, and only a handful of dum dums. It seemed as though our entire neighborhood bought the same mixed bag of Reese's Cups, Whoppers, plain Hershey's, and Kit Kats.

*Conveniently withIN the reach of Mike and I.
** At least not for the kids.
***And an entire bag of fun size Snickers we didn't hand out, and that are stashed in the freezer. Yum.

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  1. You blog hates me! I either can't click over from Google Reader, or any reader or once I get here, my comment floats off into the ether somewhere.

    Sometimes, I get lucky.

    Candy. We have way too much so I immediately halve it, and take the other half to work. Kids are allowed one piece a day. Then in 2 weeks, I halve it again. I continue to do this until it's gone. I work at a University so there are always plenty of students to eat it.

    I saw a bunch of recipes that melt the stuff down for cookies, etc. That doesn't really make sense to me. You are still eating it, just in a different form.

  2. When I was a kid I hardly ate my Halloween candy. I would pawn it off on my siblings after picking out the few things that I liked. As an adult, we don't get trick-or-treaters, so I don't have to buy any candy and worry about leftovers!

  3. Snickers in the freezer. BRILLIANT. I think we took the last of the Snickers in our lunches today, but I'm definitely doing this with my special stash of Reese's pumpkins.

  4. After my kids weeded out what they didn't like(this got rid of quite a bit), they could eat a couple of pieces a day.(lunch, snack, dinner). They also brought some to school for the school collection to donate. They each had their own bowl. I, of course would steal the chocolate candy. I had no daily limit! One of my kids was a saver and never ate it, I would find it in a drawer months later. What was still hanging around after a few weeks would get tossed. When they were very young I disappear a lot of it so they had very little in their bowls. After a few days they seemed to lose interest in it, wish I was that lucky.

  5. The title of this cracks me up.

    In our family growing up (and my dad is a dentist!) we could eat as much as we wanted on Halloween night, then on the following morning, we would have this massive trade around where we'd all bargain away the candy we didn't like for the stuff we did and then we could have one piece after lunch and one piece after dinner every day. Usually by about February, when it was the just the no-brand hard candies left, we'd dump it.

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  7. We eat it also! We reaped large amounts of chocolate and our neighbors bought the same big bag as yours-we have an excess of Whoppers, etc.

    Groovy Girl gets to take a piece each day in her lunch and some after school. If I don't let her eat some I think she will grow up and be a candy-aholic!

  8. We eat ours too! =) I'm glad we aren't the only ones (because sometimes it feels like we are LOL!)

    {And also, we passed out that same bag of candy LOL!}

  9. Our son was never all that interested in trick or treating or candy, so this was never an issue for us. He would trick or treat for a couple of blocks and then say, "I'm done. He'd play with the candy for a few weeks and then we'd throw it away.

  10. Ti, I wanna melt some down for cookies because it's just too sweet for me to eat much of often, and if it's spread out more like chocolate chips in a cookie I like it better. No illusions that this makes me healthier or eat less candy, but I'd feel less oversugared anyway.

    We eat ours but darned slowly. Lasts till Easter when we purge it to get ready for the next influx -1 or 3 pieces a day for the beginning half of November or, then every once in a while (I tend to move it more out of sight, and then it is somewhat more out of mind.)

  11. We EAT ours, too! The girls are pretty much allowed to eat whatever they want Halloween night and truthfully, they don't go crazy. They dump it all together in one basket that sits around for the first week or so. They take a piece in their lunch box, and another after school and or after dinner. Once the favorites are eaten [Reeses's pb cups, snickers, kit kat and twix] they lose a lot of interest.

    I save the unwanted candy to use to decorate gingerbread houses for Christmas. We don't usually eat our gingerbread house anyway.

    This year, for the first time EVER in all my life... I have not had a single piece of Halloween candy. NOT ONE. Trust me. I am as shocked as you!


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