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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I signed up for the Wild Olive Stitch Swap!

When I started making felt Christmas ornaments last December, I didn't realize what an addition it would become. I added several stitchy blogs to my Google Reader, and I started pinning pretty little things.

Last week Mollie at Wild Olive annouced a Stitch Swap and I signed up. We're each to make a little 4" piece and mail it off by the end of the month. There is a flickr group (of course) so we can post inspiration and progress. I didn' t get any hints about my swap partner, so anything is fair game (but being a newbie, maybe I should aim not-so-high.

Right now, this is my favorite starting point:

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Let's say someone gave you a small little embroidery hoop, maybe 4" diameter max, with a pretty or cute little picture or saying. Would you hate that? Would you toss it in a drawer and forget it? Would you prop it up on your dresser or book shelves or hang it on a kitchen cabinet? Would it feel like a throw away gift or something special?


  1. I think it would be a wonderful gift. Nothing hand-made is ever a throw-away gift.

  2. I cross-stitched something for my best friend when she was pregnant. She was only 20 at the time, so looking back it seems like a weird gift. Not sure what ever happened to it--it matched baby's bedroom perfectly at the time but now baby is 10 and has since moved.

    I have another beautiful cross-stitch that I was working on when I moved in with Scott 9 years ago. Haven't touched it since. :( I don't have a lot of homemade type things around my house (though I did finally get something to put above our mantel--it's only been 2.25 years since we've lived in our house...).

  3. I am finicky. I don't like sayings, or anything cutesy. I would never throw it away because I know all the work and love there is behind it but give it away, I admit I do. Someone should appreciate it and give it a good home if I can't.

  4. I think a little stitched piece of art framed in an embroidery hoop makes a charming gift! I would certainly find a spot on a wall or bookshelf for something like that. I do think a little frame would be more likely make a project a "keeper" piece than an embroidery hoop, but I think the black painted on in that picture is REALLY nice ... if the clasp part of the hoop was too noticeable, I'd just tie a nice piece of ribbon to the top to hide it.

    Have fun with the swap! Can't wait to see what you give and get! ;)

  5. Never a throw away gift! I always enjoy things that are creative. :)

  6. i want to be in the stitch swap. I want a link!


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