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Friday, March 23, 2012

Reading, Sewing, barfing

  • Today is Mike's birthday! Happy Birthday Mike!
  • Yesterday I went to the Y for an hour. The Princess and the Bug played in the kid's room while I spent 25 minutes on a bike and 25 minutes... reading on a bench. Yes, that's right, I went to the gym to sit on my behind and read. It was lovely.
  • I have fallen deep in the embroidery hole. My friend bought me these beautiful patterns and I spent yesterday morning freehanding some little dresses. Then I traced off a dress and started stitching. And readers, take a look at this set, that I intend to snatch up the moment they are back in the shop. (By readers, I mean people who read books, not just people who are reading this post.)
  • If you have a weak stomach you might want to skip to the book part.
  • The Princess finally kicked her sickness and the very next day the Pirate got ill (different symptoms.) (It was actually pretty funny, in hindsight, skip this if you have a week stomach- he woke up from a rare nap, walked into the kitchen and puked at the Bug's feet. I ran him to the bathroom and got him settled. When I came out the Bug helpfully said, "Mommy, there's PUKE!" "Yes, I know, your brother doesn't feel good." Then I turn around to discover that the Bug has puked all over the REST of the room. "IT WAS SO GROSS, MOMMY!" Yes, yes it was. Thanks for contributing.) Mike, of course, was at work and could not hear my desperate phone calls. The Bug was not and is not sick. The Pirate was fully recovered the next morning. (NOTE: I wrote this bullet point on Thursday afternoon. This is foreshadowing.)
  • (NOTE: I wrote this point on Friday morning. This is foreshadowing.) On Thursday night the Bug, the Princess and myself got the Pirate's thing. It was awful. It is still awful this morning for ME. The kids are recovered. And let's just say the Bug TOTALLY paid the Pirate back for that puking on his feet thing. In spades.
  • And that's all I got for you today. I'm going back to lie on the couch.

What I read this week:
  • No links cause I feel like crap but I want a record of this for myself.
  • Christmas Eve in Friday Harbor by Lisa Kleypas (finished)
  • Rainshadow Road by Lisa Kleypas (finished)
  • Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord by Sarah MacLean (Finished)
  • Catholicism for Dummies (NOT finished)
  • Shine by Lauren Myracle (returned unfinished)


  1. Oh no!!! I hope you all feel better. It seems downright wrong to be sick over the weekend. And Happy Birthday to Mike!

    I LOVE the embroidery you linked to (the Mexican inspired design). But how does one embroider without those little boxes provided in counted-cross stitch?!

  2. Puking is so undignified. Cleaning it up? More so. UGH!

  3. Happy birthday Mike! I'm sorry you're sick. That stinks.

  4. Hope you feel better soon! Your workouts sound like ones I would enjoy. I have had a hart time motivating myself lately. The other night the girls all had swim lessons at the gym. I could have/should have gone and worked out in the cardio. room while this was going on, but instead sat there and read.

  5. Aack! I'm sorry to hear that you all have been sick...hopefully everyone is better soon! Spending an hour at the Y by yourself sound heavenly (as I write this my youngest is screaming in the background) Aack!

  6. Sorry that you have been sick!

    Happy Birthday, Mike!

  7. Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry you've all been sick! I gotta tell you, it's a wonderful thing when the kids get older and finally start making it to the bathroom to puke...well, at least most of the time! Hope everyone's feeling better today!

  8. Oh no! Stomach bugs are the WORST. I remember going through that several times when my girls were your kids age. I hope you're all feeling better by now..

    Happy Birthday to Mike.. hopefully the kids didn't give him their germs for his bday!


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