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Friday, April 06, 2012

The Bug, spring, colorblocking

  • Hey! did you guys know it was Friday? School's out today so I was surprised to realize it wasn't Saturday.
  • This has been a trying week with the Bug. He has been loud and obnoxious all week. I'm hoping it's in anticipation of his birthday and not just because he's rude and ill-mannered.
  • I took the kids to a sewing playdate this week, sewing for the mamas, playing for the kids. I think we all had fun, but the Bug managed to leave behind a fairly big mess.
  • Our super warm temps have dropped back into the normal 60s range for April. It's not bad, but I was already anticipating sandals.
  • Do you think it's ok to wear a pale green linen skirt with yellow wedge sandals? That's colorblocking, right? What color shirt do you think?
  • I'm madly in love with these shoes, this pair, and these. I bet the $20 pair will win.

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  1. I think the holidays always bring out the worst in kids. It's 50 here today and we're freezing.

  2. I hope the Bug gets over things soon!

  3. You could totally color block it. I think I'd go with a neutral shirt, though.

    Jealous of your 60s weather.

  4. I'd say a white shirt, and I'm sure the yellow shoes will look great!

  5. Happy birthday to the bug!!!

    And I'm sad to say I have no idea what color blocking is. I'm incredibly unfashionable. :)


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