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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Birthdays!

It was birthday week here in the Books. Lists. Life. Headquarters.  First the Pirate started the ball rolling by turning 7 on Saturday. We were out of town, and I completely failed to take any birthday pictures, unless you could this one, which I don't:

April 7. The only picture I took on his 7th birthday.

(they are all asleep!)

The Pirate is turning into an adorable, funny, clever boy. He likes to make videos on the iPod, he plays Wii like he's paid to do so, he reads surprisingly well. He tolerates the Bug during the day, and can't sleep without him at night. He adores his baby sister.

April 9. Copycat baby.

A few days later, the Bug turned 4. He woke up to donuts and presents and requested blueberry cake and macaroni and cheese for dinner. The Bug is full of life. He's as high energy as it is possible for a child to be. Fortunately, he's also charming and funny and people universally love him, even as they are happy he does not live with them.

April 10. Opening presents in his pajamas.
Happy Birthday to both my big boys!

PS. Confidential to the Princess, please don't grow up as fast as your brothers have. I don't think I could bear it.


  1. Aw, what a sweet post! It looks like everyone's tired from all the partying.

  2. Haha!! Look at all the loot in the back! LOL.

    There was one point in the vacation where both my kids AND dog were asleep in the backseat but my camera froze so I couldn't capture it. They were all leaning the same way too. Funny.

    Happy Birthday boys!! And don't worry about the Princess. The Girls tend to remain at the side a bit longer. LOL.

  3. I couldn't help but laugh at the picture of all three of them sleeping...I have a few similar pictures with my kiddos :) This was such a great post...I wish both of your boys very happy (but late) birthdays!

  4. Your kids are adorable! Happy birthday to your boys!

  5. Happy birthday boys!! It's amazing how different they all are, huh? And I still refuse to believe they are so old. Bug was a BABY when I saw him! And Princess not even a baby!!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday to both of them!

  7. Happy birthday, Bug and Pirate! Love the pictures!


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