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Friday, April 20, 2012

Vacation, book genres, save a library.

  • Mini-Vacation count down! As I type we're at T-25 hours. The cupboards are full, the kids are healthy, the book choices are overwhelming, and it looks like I'm going to get to go! It's a day in the car, two full days in Colorado Springs, then a day home. I can't wait!
  • My sister-in-law is coming to stay at my house, so if you we thinking of stealing our 3 year old laptop or my 20 year old, non-vintage cool sewing machine, better skip it. (But if you're thinking of kidnapping the dog, I'll be happy to give you some directions.)
  • Today's To Do List is a full notebook page, so today's Random Friday is short.
  • Great post here about splitting hairs in book genres and judging a book by it's stereotype. (Also, short.)
  • If you're looking for a literary charity to donate to, you could do worse than to donate to my friend's school library. If they don't raise $40,000 by June 27 her daughters' public school will lose it completely. Plus she's funny.

What I Read This Week:


  1. I hope you have a fabulous time!!

  2. YAY!!!!! Have so much fun!!!

  3. Thanks so much for telling people about our library crisis!

    And I just finished Black Dagger Brotherhood too. I could NOT get past those characters' names, which is a shame, because I thought the world-building was interesting. But to quote my fave Amazon review: "The names. Wrath. Tohrment. Rhage. Phury. Zsadist. Vishous. Like the vampire equivalent of the seven dwarves. I kept waiting for Sneezhi and Dhoc to show up."

  4. I hope you have a great time!

    haha, not a fan of the dog?

  5. Hope you're having a wonderfully relaxing time!

  6. I hope that you have a wonderful trip! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed Dark Lover (and now I'm really glad that I picked it up for cheap :P )

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  8. Ha. Love your randomness. I would give anyone directions to my house also if they wanted to steal my black lab obnoxiously naughty not-such-a-puppy anymore. You look very relaxed on your mini-vacation.


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