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Friday, April 13, 2012

Vacation, foundation garmets, vampires.

  • In 8 days Mike and go on our first childfree vacation in two years. Ok, so for him it's work. I'm just tagging along for the free ride.  Do you know that the longest I've been away from either of the younger ones is for a 5 hour shift at my job? The last time I've had someone watch the kids for any reason other than I had to work was for Christmas shopping? I'm due.
  • I've been on the verge of dropping Miss Zoot from my blog reader for months, she's gone all running all the time and I'm just not interested in that, but today's post is about The Power of a Declaration and is definitely worth the time you spend reading it. Plus she lives in Huntsville, AL and occasionally I get glimpses of home.
  • This Moment over at Soulemama reminds me very much of my own youth.
  • Which brings me to: yesterday I had to ask the Pirate to put down his book and get ready for school, multiple times. This was a first, but hopefully not a last.
  • If you live near a Kmart and you happen to be an average sized person, they have a lot of basic Hanes bras on clearance for $2.99. Most of them are somewhere between "this bra is meant to be SEEN" and "your grandma's bra." Boring, but not ugly.
  • I am applying for a new job today. Keep your fingers crossed for me, because this one meets in a perfect intersection of "hours suitable for a stay at home mom" and "interesting and fun." I feel like my chances are pretty good.

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    1. You are definitely due a break! I hope you have a great time! Good luck with the job application!!

    2. Hooray for the break! I'm so excited for you!!!!

      My husband and I have never been away together for even a single night from both of our kids and they are 13 and 17 now. One at a time, yes. But not both of us away TOGETHER from BOTH kids. So maybe I'm a bit envious of you as well as excited for you.. ; )

    3. Wishing you all the best on the job prospect.

      And you're definitely due some away-from-the-kiddos time.

    4. Yes, it sounds like you are in need of a vacation!

      Good luck on the job!

    5. You really do need some time just for you and Mike. Especially some time just for you! I know how hard it is to make that happen, though; I always worried so much about someone else being able to do everything "right" while I was gone (which was not often!). Relax and enjoy your time - the kids will be fine.

      Good luck with the job!

    6. Good luck with the job! I have my fingers crossed that you get it :) A vacation without kids...can I come?? LOL! I'm overdue for one of those as well :) Hope you have tons of relaxation! And fun of course!

    7. So many things--my fingers and toes are crossed for you.

      And you SO deserve your break. I'm spoiled having my parents so close to me--I know. We really don't take too much advantage of them but even going over to dinner at their (different) houses once a week or every other week is a huge help in itself. I hope you have any amazing time.

      I didnt get the Miss Zoot post. Maybe I need to be a reader to understand?

    8. gosh that photo is so beautiful! can't wait for your vacation, I will llve vicariously through it.


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