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Thursday, May 03, 2012

April 2012 At a Glance

Sadly, I missed quite a few days in April. I'm going to do better in May though!

1. April 1. Spring., 2. April 2. Do not recommend., 3. April 3. A horse named Tristan, 4. April 4. Flying with daddy, 5. April 6. Exercise is good for toddlers., 6. April 7. The only picture I took on his 7th birthday., 7. April 8. On the beach for Easter., 8. April 9. Copycat baby., 9. April 10. Opening presents in his pajamas., 10. April 11. Bananagrams., 11. April 12. There is safety in numbers. Or not., 12. April 13. We aren't tiiiiiired, mom., 13. April 14. Lego ninjago Kai cake., 14. April 15. Draw something, young man, 15. April 16. Harrison park jail, 16. April 17. Warm day, cold water., 17. April 19. Despite our best efforts, one of the sunflowers sprouted., 18. April 21. Big sky., 19. April 22. Both of us in the same picture!, 20. April 23. Olympic athletes hold up the world, 21. April 24. Returning home., 22. April 25. She's never seen a sprinkler before today., 23. April 27. Self portrait., 24. April 29. 36 might be too old for a side braid., 25. April 30. This choice of sippy cup breaks my heart.


  1. For May you should join us for the Photo A Day challenge. Today is "Something I Wore" :)

  2. VERY cute pics! I love the side braid on you, btw. I say wear your hair like that often.. especially as it gets hot out this summer!

    How is it that I've missed some of these? I follow only a handful of people on Instagram and check that feed at least twice a day!

  3. Heck no 36 is not too old for a side braid - maybe too old for 80's bangs but definitely not too old for braids!

  4. Oh, if I actually do what I have set out to do I should be able to do a post like this at the end of May. :)

  5. I like the one with the Princess crying...reminds me of my own kids. LOL!


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