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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Good, the Really Good, and the Should Have Been Expected Bad.

First, the Good news- the angiogram showed no blockages, no heart damage. The cardiologist said, and this is a quote, "his heart looks fantastic. I wish I had his heart."  No stent. They were able to go through his wrist for the angio instead of the groin and he was released last night.

Second, the Really Good- the positive stress test last week was a false positive. He heart is no worse off than it was  years ago, he did not have a heart attack, etc. His cholesterol is fine, seems the problem will be mostly hypertension. (I wish we weren't going to have to pay a billion dollars (after insurance) to find this out, but YAY.  Yes, it's a warning, yes Mike is taking it, please, no more lectures to him (OR ME.) Good grief people, we KNOW.

Last, the Should Have Been Expected Bad- between last night when he came back to the hotel, and this morning when I drove us 3 hours home, I got sick. I feel like total crap. I took a 3 hour nap and woke up feel much the same, like crap. Hey! Mike's healthy? you held it together for a week and shuttled patients and kids around? Great job. Here, let's break your immune system now. Blergh.  Not sure yet if I'll be back tomorrow for Random Friday or not.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and thoughts, it was greatly appreciated by us both.


  1. I'm glad the news was good! I've had hypertension for years and it's very manageable. I'm sorry you're not well - I'm sure all that stress was hard on your body.

  2. Yes, our bodies do tend to hold that stress in then let it go at inopportune moments. I'm glad to hear Mike is okay. We have a love/hate relationship with insurance in our lives...hopefully a lot of the tests will be paid for. My thoughts are with you as you heal.

  3. Ah, I hope you both are feeling back to normal soon! Hang in there!

  4. I hope you feel better soon, but glad everything else went well!

  5. So glad all's well. And I hope you're feeling better soon. The immune crash after a stressful event is always a pain.

  6. Glad to hear all the positive news about Mike!
    Not so glad to hear you're sick.. but hang in there.. next week will be better. xo

  7. I've been almost totally out of the loop this past week and a half - good god, you've been through hell and back! I'm so glad to hear that everything is okay with Mike. Hope you're feeling much better now and your patient has been getting some r&r.


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