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Friday, May 18, 2012

Heart Attacks, ICU, Exercise.

  • On Wednesday Mike tried to have a heart attack, literally. He's still in the ICU. We're hoping he gets sprung this evening.  He feels fine physically and is bored and irritable, and not really himself. (EDITED TO ADD: He came home Friday night.)
  • I have barely even been to see him, because I have no one to watch the kids during the day. I am tired and stressed. If you have a friend whose husband is in the hospital, the first question you should ask is "Can I watch the kids for you?" I do not understand people.
  • Today I'm going to clean the living room and bring the exercise bike back into the house. You know, the one he bought after his first heart attack.
  • So if you're thinking you are out of shape and should get healthy? Today's a good time to start.
  • This is a great collection of Children's Book Week posters on Pinterest. (This was the only thing I marked to share before all this happened.)

What I Read This Week and other Bookish Thoughts:
  • It's been another week of comfort reads. I'm gonna have to stop calling them "comfort reads" and start just calling them "reads" soon.
  • In the Midnight Rain by Ruth Wind. This was a reread. It's still one of my very favorite books.
  • Promises in Death by JD Robb, almost done with this one. This one has a lot more humor in it, joking between Roarke and Eve. While it is funny, it seems almost out of place for them.


  1. Oh my gosh, how scary! I wish I were there to watch your kids for you.

  2. Wish I lived closer so I could entertain your sweet children for a few hours while you visit your husband. Incredible that no one has volunteered! Sorry to hear about your husbands health issues, especially at such a young age! You are right about getting health/ weight under control NOW. I've lost 40 lbs on Nutrisystem and highly recommend it, though a little pricey and not as convenient when you still have little ones.

    Hope he gets to come home tonight and pray he'll be free of future heart problems. God bless!

  3. What a difficult thing for you. Can't believe no one will help out!

  4. People are clueless. Yes, they should offer but these days you have to ask. ASK for help!

  5. What a scary experience!! SO surprising nobody thought to ask if you needed help with the kids...

  6. I hope that things are getting much better for him and that he stays healthy! I'm sorry you had such a hard time finding people to watch your kids. The big downer of blogging is being so far away geographically from everyone. I wish I could help.

  7. I saw on Facebook that he was home but didn't know what for. How terrifying!!! I'd watch the kids for you! I totally understand. I've had all of two dates with my husband in a year. Yeah. I also get comfort reads. Right now they've been YA books (I'm so jealous you got Insurgent!). Hope everything calms down a bit for you!!

  8. Oh good lord! I'm late to this and I'm so sorry!!!! I'm glad he's home, and I would be ON YOUR DOORSTEP forcing my way into the house to keep your kids. People are jerks.

    Let us know if you need anything. Feel free to e-mail and vent!


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