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Thursday, August 23, 2012

CoverGirl Blast Flipstick Lipcolor

I've recently been evaluating my hair and make up routine in an effort to look like I put a few minutes into it. I've admitted to myself that except for special occasions I'm just not likely to get up and put on my entire FIVE MINUTE LONG makeup routine. So I took the time (like, 10 seconds) to figure out which items had the most impact and decided I'd try to use them daily. In my case (and I suspect many women's) this turned out to be mascara and lip color. Then when BlogHer offered me the chance to talk about a P&G product, I thought it was the perfect excuse to spend my hard earned $8 (that's over an hour working at Kmart!) on a new lip gloss. 

The product that I chose was CoverGirl Blast Flipstick Lipcolor in "stunner", which is a coral/pink solid with a goldish/brown shimmer. The idea is that you can make it your own personal color by layering the two different ends. I tried it out in the car immediately and my first thought wasn't so favorable. It goes on a little gritty, which is unpleasant, and I didn't love the color. I had also bought a second, different, lip gloss, so I wiped it off and used the other. Then while I was at my mom's I decided to give the flipstick another chance and discovered that if you don't wipe it off immediately the grittiness goes away and it is fairly smooth feeling.  And perhaps it's the lighting difference between a car and her bathroom, or perhaps I got the right combination, but it was actually fairly flattering this time around. So, opinion revised and I would recommend the flipstick.

If you'd like to try one out, P&G is offering 10% off on all items purchased with the above link through August 31st and free shipping on orders over $25.  PLUS, if you buy though this link, I get a small commission, yay! And you don't have to buy $25 worth of lipgloss, so go ahead and take this chance to stock up on diapers and shaving cream and cold medicine! Please! (If you'd like to pass this deal on to your friends, please do so, but send them back to this post to click through, or I don't get the commission!)

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  1. I'm a mascara and powder foundation before I go anywhere (gotta have my sunscreen). For work I do put on lip gloss and eye shadow - which I put on in the car (as well as my mascara) because I'm like you, I can't be bothered to take that whole five minutes at home!


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