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Monday, August 13, 2012

Home, finally.

Me, when i look at all the laundry that accumulated in my absence.

Back soon with real posts.


  1. It always feel like you need a vacation after your vacation, doesn't it?

  2. Ditto bermudaonion. On the other hand, wouldn't you rather do the laundry than have clothes ruined? Oops, that wasn't nice. LOL I was assuming Mike would do laundry like my husband does. ;)

  3. Welcome home. Glad to know you returned safely.. even if it was to massive piles of laundry and probably a messy kitchen... and toys everywhere... and beds un made and toilets that need scrubbing... :|

  4. I didn't even go anywhere and my laundry is insane. The guy is just flying through his clothes in this heat wave. He asked me today why I waited so long to do it. Men... But like was said above, it is better I do it and complain then he do it and ruin them...

    1. oops! I got distracted and forgot I didn't say WELCOME BACK!

  5. I know that so well! Just finished mine last night. . .

  6. It could be worse - you could have come home to very little laundry...because no one had bothered to wear clean clothes the entire time you were gone. I'm so frustrated I can't get Twitter pics on my phone; sounds like you managed to have some good times with your family on your trip.

  7. You are TINY!!!!!! I think that needs to be a post. :)


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