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Friday, August 17, 2012

Three weeks of Random.

August. Tandem exercise at the park.

  • My grandmother passed away last Saturday. I'm sad, but not heartbroken (she was 90!). I'm really glad I took the Princess to meet her first.
  • I have a ton of pictures of the Princess from our trip. I might need to do an entire post on all the new things she did.
  • School starts Wednesday. The Pirate is NOT ready. We're trying to come up with a fun annual back to school ritual. I'm leaning towards Mexican food.
  • My vacation from my weekend job is over as of tomorrow. I really dread going back to work every weekend night.
  • Our trip to Aberdeen was a lot of fun. The campground was perfect and the kids had a blast.
  • Mike and I are becoming gym rats. In fact, I might have to cut this short in order to get there in time for the morning daycare hours!
  • I'm looking for the perfect green smoothie recipe. Do you have one?
What I Read This Week (remember, this is 3 weeks, not one!):


  1. Wow, school starts on the 21st here, and I thought that was early!

  2. Book requested! You know me well :)

  3. I also loved Dinner A Love Story, but reading it on my Kindle Fire made it hard for me as well. I wanted to page back and forth in it.

  4. I love this picture!! It sounds like you have had 3 very busy weeks :) My oldest isn't ready for school AT ALL but my middle one is chomping at the bit to start preschool. Go figure! I'm going to need a 2nd job just to pay for all of it!

  5. Sorry about your grandmother, but it is hard to stay sad when someone passes after a nice long life. Hope you Have a great week.

  6. I'm sorry about grandma but glad that you were able to head out there and spend more time than you originally expected. I'm not going to lie--I'll be devastated when my grandma goes. Need to plan a trip pronto.

    I can't believe you and the gym! Pass that motivation on to me! Although this morning did mark day 3 (ahem, in the past week) of getting up at 5:15 to go running. Once you get into it it's addicting, huh??

  7. Somehow, I missed this post. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. It was really nice that you and Princess got to see her before she passed.

  8. So sorry about your grandma. I know it was hectic to get it all put together but I'm so glad you got there in time to be with her at the end for her to meet The Princess.


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