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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Recent Sewing: Chevron Quilt, hexes, monsters

Quilting in progress, chevron quilt

I've been doing quite a bit of sewing the last few days, and thought I'd share it with you. I got a bee in my bonnet to finish up (or start) The Princess's baby quilt. Both of the boys got a mama made quilt when they were born and somehow Miss Girl never got one. Shortly before her second birthday I decided that had to be rectified and started working in earnest on her quilt. Yesterday I started quilting it. There are only 24 rows of quilting, but I'm only on row 5 and since I sew in the middle of my house (open floor plan, machine in dining area), it's really hard to sew when everyone is around. I expect another week before the quilting is done, and then the binding and I can wash it and see how cuddly it gets.

I've also done a little work on my Hexagon quilt (remember that?) I finished up flower number 14, with this blue ring:

Hexie #13 with outer ring
(Not one of my favorites so far.)

and last night I finished up flower number 15:

Hex #15

No outer ring yet on that one. They don't all have outer rings yet, it's a pretty haphazard pattern of sewing on this project.

One other thing I did this week was to take the doors off my sewing table. With my limited space it was getting really annoying to have to shift them out of the way every single time I got up to iron or check on a child. I took them off and it really opened up the space. Of course, now the Princess feels everything in the cabinet is fair game, but she can't open most of the boxes.

Sewing machine table

One day I'll take a picture of the entire space. I can't tell you how attractive those Rubbermaid boxes of fabric are in the my living room. Mike really loves them too. (Insert rant about tiny apartment and five people and two cats and a dog.)

Big shout out to Trish for finally going on and on and on about audiobooks long enough for me to download one. Sewing is much nicer with a book.

Lastly, I'm blogging this free pattern for an adorable Monster Pencil Case  so I don't forget about it! (that's a pdf, if you're clicking.)


  1. I'm so impressed that you find the time for things like quilting with three kids. I suspect you never sleep.

  2. Cute chevron quilt! I have yet to be brave enough to cut into any of my Aneela Hoey fabric - I just hoard it and pet it....

  3. quilt is looking SO awesome!!! As I was stewing this morning at 5:30 trying to talk myself out of working out (I won), I almost got up to go work on some sewing. I even put pants on and headed out the door. Only to get momentarily afraid of Pennywise the clown. I'm not kidding either. Back into bed I went where I laid awake for another HOUR before I got up. Such a waste of time.

    Your fussy-cutting on the hexes amazes me. Seriously--they look so great.

  4. Love the quilt! I am so glad that you are classy like me - with rubbermaids in the living area. The husband ranting sounds familiar, too - and we have a house and not an apartment and still don't have room for all our stuff.

  5. Oh, you are making very pretty things there!

  6. Yay! You're sewing! Haven't seen you post about sewing in awhile. Makes me happy and inspired to see you crafting up something gorgeous.

  7. Woo to the hoo!! Your quilt is looking awesome! Heh, maybe you could make some cozies for your Rubbermaid bins. No seriously. I saw a tutorial for a quilted file cabinet cover - you might be able to recreate it for the bins:


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