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Monday, January 28, 2013

Some things I found on the internet

I saw this pin a couple nights ago and it took me straight back to college.

While all the other history seniors were writing their senior papers on boring things like a flood in Waco or the Tombigbee River, I wrote mine on letters to servicemen during WWII. This meant that for months I spent every waking moment in the library reading old letters and women's magazines from the early 1940s. I bet I could still lead you directly to the part of the stacks where they were shelved.

Seriously, I walked up those steps every day for months. Some days more than once. If you think too hard about it, it might explain why I'm Mayor of the Rawlins (Pierre) Library on FourSquare. Or why all the librarians know me by name. Or why I currently have 88 books checked out.

This amazing Cello song, with thanks to Grace. I might listen to this a couple dozen times this morning.

She also linked to this one. I feel guilty for stealing both, so you gotta go over and say hi to her to make me less guilty. (But seriously, listen to this one too, especially if you are a lover of thrift stores. There are some f-bombs in this one, so listen with care.)

And speaking of college, am I the only one who played hours of Tetris? I My kids need these.

I have already requested one of these in my backyard.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Mine will have cushy chairs and a coffee maker too. It's a treehouse for grownups! (We'll just build a real treehouse next to it to keep the kids out of mine.)

What interesting things have you found lately?


  1. OMG the thrift store video! I die. (I was gonna say it says something sad about my elderly-ness that it's got 60 million views and I've never heard of it, but YOU HADN'T EITHER and you are dewy and youthful.)

  2. What an interesting subject to pick for your senior project! That had to be heartbreaking, too. I've seen the thrift store video (because everyone makes fun of me for scouring thrift stores). Love the Bach and the bookshelves. Enclosed with sliders - glass for winter, screen for summer. We can dream.

  3. soduko. I can't count the hours that I wasted doing "just one more" before starting my paper or reading. Thank goodness twitter wasn't around back then or I would have never finished anything.

    Your senior project sounds amazing. I know my grandma has a chest full of letters with my grandpa during the war.

  4. So many good things. Your senior paper sounds kickass. The cell vid is amazing. And I'm TOTALLY jonesing on the Thrift Store song. I've been watching the video for days, and it cracks me up every time.

  5. I love the tree house! I so want one like that, only a cottage on the ground. Oh, it's so spacious and all that light, just lovely. Plus the forest all around. Heaven. We can all dream, right?

  6. Love, love The Cello Song! Thanks! I must admit I went thru a little stage of Tetris addiction. I looked and that pic and immediately thought of the best way to play each piece!


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