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Friday, March 08, 2013

Spinning round and round.

Merry go round.

  • I almost didn't do a random Friday today. I feel like I'm repeating myself a lot here. Kids not sleeping? Check. Job hunt? Check. Snow? Check. (Actually the weather has been ok this week.)
  • Did you guys all see the completely condescending judgemental "Dear mom on an iPhone" post going around this week? It made me a little bit furious. Doubly so when it's a man who wrote it and men who keep reposting it, and it's about a mom. I read two beautiful responses to it, this one at Fried Okra is lovely and made me cry, and this one at Rated PeeGee is quite a lot like my life. I get the point, that childhood goes so fast, but there are a million ways to make that point without being an jerk about it.
  • The Bug keeps coming up with crazy conversations. "Mommy, is bacon protein? My FAVORITE FOOD IS PROTEIN????" (This was a good thing.) "Mommy, am I making a tetragon (with his hands)?" He is also a complete ninja rockstar at Minecraft crafting. Mike and the boys play together, but it's the four year old who knows how to make things without looking them up. 
  • This month's post for the Little House on the Prairie Read-a-long went up on Monday.  I'm ready for some discussion on that one! So much more political than Big Woods.
  • We went to the park by our new house yesterday, since it was fairly warm out (50!) The river is still frozen.
The Missouri River, still frozen.

What I Read This Week:


  1. Wow, I can't imagine how could it would have to be to make the river freeze.

  2. I hadn't seen that Mom on the iPhone thing, thanks for that. And for the links. Most men have no idea hw many things a mom juggles, even if both parents work full time. And I hate hate hate judgement of that kind.

    Both Gone Girl and Plum Creek are on their way to me now, can't wait!


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