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Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day weekend

I had The Best weekend. For Mother's Day Mike got me an empty hotel room! It was glorious. No one asked me for a single thing.

Then we hung out in the backyard, mostly playing flip the hammock.

The Princess and I played with paper doll style barbies and took selfies in the sun.

Mike and I cleaned the car and washed the windows. We bought flowers for the hanging pots.

And I planted herbs in my big planter, instead of flowers.( There isn't really obvious garden space at the new house. )

I found some cute plates at the thrift store- there were five of them, so it seemed meant to be.

I hope you all had as lovely of a weekend.

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  1. It looks like a super fantabulous weekend. An empty hotel room?! You totally scored. And those plates are stunning!

  2. I love those plates!!! And I'm glad you had such beautiful weather for mother's day. I love the picture of all three kiddos on the hammock. Though I'm jealous that you probably got to use the restroom several times at the hotel room without anyone asking to sit on your lap. ;)

    On the "You Might Also Like" widget is "The Giant Secret Project Finally Revealed" of the Chinese coin quilt you made for Mike's family. Dec 2008. Takes me back!

  3. Sounds wonderful. Cute pictures, too.

  4. But when did the room come in handy? Looks like you were still in the mix in all these pics.

  5. Nice nice; Mom's deserve special day - happy for you! I had a great Mom's Day as well.

  6. An empty hotel room??? Mike is a genius!


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