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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekend Getaway

My mom is here (YAY GRANDMA!) and Mike and I managed to get away for a couple nights. We didn't go far, about 20 miles north to a camping cabin at a state park, but it was so lovely and relaxing.  We did nothing but read, listen to baseball, take a little drive, watch the boats, and drink beer. And I made a few hexies (no matter how hard I tried, Mike was not interested in helping.)

I took a few pictures.

Empty prairie
This is exactly what the middle of South Dakota looks like, abandoned house and all.
Lunch with sailboats. #southdakota #lakeoahe #weekendgetaway #missouririver #bestgrandmaever
Spring Creek Marina
Amber waves of grain. #winterwheat #southdakota #prairie #weekendgetaway
Amber Waves of Grain
Storm coming over the lake. #nofilter #lakeoahe #missouririver
Storm rolling in over Lake Oahe
Hexies and a nook.
Hexies and Nook (Current hex count: 1110)
Beer and campfire
Self explanatory
Stormy skies


  1. Sounds like a relaxing weekend! Your photos are gorgeous!

  2. That sounds amazing!!! The perfect way to spend the weekend :)

  3. I need a weekend like that! but with no kids, I bet my husband would also request no quilting..

  4. I'll keep the kids if I can keep the quilting! Lovely photos, the places look magic. Keep going! It will be beautiful. JJ

  5. Lovely time least you finished a few and added to your count...keep going...

  6. I loooove Summer Shandy, and the scenery is gorgeous!

  7. When I looked at that hexie pic from my phone, it looked like a Lunchable box. LOL. THAT is how sad my life is right now. I have to make lunches for summer camp and I have been resorting to those god awful Lunchables so much that your hexie pic looked like Lunchables to me. Bwhahaha! Sad.

  8. Well over 1100! Wow! That's impressive! Keep up the good work!

  9. Those photos are frame worthy, Lisa. I am glad you and Mike got to get away for awhile. Sounds wonderful and relaxing! A well deserved vacation!

  10. Yay for grandma indeed! Your trip looks very relaxing and isn't it amazing how beautiful the land can be? Love me some Summer Shandy - always sad when it disappears off the shelves; means summer is over.


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