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Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Princess Turns 3! (on August 31st)

I am as astounded by this as you are.

She's the best girl ever, except when she isn't. She's charming and cute and so so articulate and loveable. She's thrilled to be with either of her brothers, and refers to them as such "I want to play with my brothers!". She's counting and doing her ABCs (so long as you don't need to go past G or 4). She's full on potty training (kill me) and so ridiculously cute it kills us. She still sleeps in a crib (why ruin a good thing?) and it's so full of toys I am amazed she has room for her body, but don't you dare suggest removing one item.

She's the best surprise I ever got.


Our family tradition is a donut or muffin for breakfast with candles and family presents

I made this cake! It was so so pretty.


Her aunt Anna will read every book in the house, no matter how mind numbing, if LE asks her to.



  1. How can it be 3 years already?! Happy birthday to the princess!

  2. WHAT THE HECK??? Time? Where? She is ADORABLE, and that cake makes me want to party at your house.

  3. Happy Birthday to the Princess! Time flies! - I can't believe she's three, either, since that means I have "known" you for longer than that!

  4. aw, hbd to the princess! that cake is KILLA!

  5. Happy Birthday to the Princess!

  6. I just can't get over how fast it goes....three already?? And the joys of potty training. I'm VERY thankful that we are past that phase now and hopefully you will be soon too :) It looks like she had a wonderful birthday!!!!

  7. Well of course Aunt Anna will read every book in the house. Who could possibly turn her down?! Doesn't it feel like somehow that little girl who surprised you really made your family complete?

  8. SUPER CUTE! I'm so so so late to the party, I know.. but whoa what a cutie. Love the missing front teeth.. all four top ones? My youngest had that when she was maybe 4 years old. Made for the cutest photos and speech ever. Loved it to pieces.. I was actually sad when the teeth came in. lol! Also THAT CAKE!


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