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Monday, June 02, 2014

Right Now I Am.... 6/2/14

So Trish did this, as she does, and since the blog has been bare here lately I thought maybe I'd give it a go. I miss Random Friday but honestly it's so hard to get my thoughts together on a regular basis like that these days. So here we go:

...listening to... Mostly Frozen. Duh. And every single lip sync of it on YouTube.

...reading... How Long is a Piece of String? By Rob Eastaway and The Beekeeper's Ball by Susan Wiggs. Both are ok. I'd rather be reading memoirs but am trying to read a couple review books first. I think I have five books I need to at least mention in a blog post soon before I forget every detail.

...watching... Dr Who. We are firmly in Eleven camp now, and he's growing on me, but Ten will always have my heart. Also So You Think You Can Dance is back!!! Yay!!!

...eating... So many boring meals. We kinda gave up "real" cooking in favor of working out. There isn't time for both.

...making... hexagons! Always.

...planning... Our trip to Alabama in July! It's been five years since we went as a family. I'm so excited, but also nervous about that long in the car with all three whiners kids.

...feeling... Slightly obsessed with our new running addiction. Running gear, running clothes, running memoirs, running apps, run, run, run. Did I mention we are thinking about a half in October?

...loving... Sirius Black. Best. Kitten. Ever.

...wanting...a Starbucks iced coffee with vanilla and just a little cream.

...thinking... I'm gonna be late for work if I don't hurry this up!

...looking forward to... My birthday next week! No we have no plans, I just love birthdays.

What are you doing right now?



  1. I'll be heading to Alabama in a few weeks. I hope your trip is wonderful!

  2. Running memoir that made me want to run:

    What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami

    Not that I actually ran, but it made me want to. Was great to listen to, too.

  3. I wish I was motivated to get back to running! Seriously! I was doing ao good and then nada. It sounds like you have been quite busy. I haven't been blogging that much either for the same reasons :)

  4. I thought for sure we got by the Frozen craze, but somehow it's suddenly hit. My daughter doesn't make us watch the movie over and over again, thankfully (although I do like it), but she likes to sing the songs from it. Since we rarely listen to the soundtrack at home, I can only imagine she's getting it from school. Hearing her belt out Let It Go is so funny.

    I just started re-watching Dr. Who. It'll probably take me a million years to get caught up. Okay, so maybe just five years.

    I hope you have a great time in Alabama!

  5. I want a kitty cat!!!! Scott watched Dr. Who until the last new Doctor. I've never been able to get on board with the show. It just seems so cheesy! I know, I know.


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