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Friday, August 08, 2014

July's running report

I can hear you asking, "hey Lisa, just how far did you run in July?" And since I know you are all just as obsessed with my running as I am, I'll tell you.


I ran 63 miles in July. This was over the course of 16 runs, with the longest run being 7.8 miles. I'm still much slower than I'd like to be and there were some incredibly tough runs, but there were also several great ones. I even ran on vacation!

Chances are excellent that I'll run much more than that in August.



  1. For some reason I was actually thinking about your new running hobby the other day (this should not freak you out - my mind is weird like this sometimes) and remembered that I meant to comment on pictures you had posted previously of you and your husband. He looks great! You had mentioned he had lost a lot of weight, and you can sure tell. I bet he feels great, too. I haven't lost weight with my running but I do feel better...sometimes I don't like it while I am running, but I love it when I'm done. Good luck with your running in August!


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