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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

Sheesh. I haven't posted in a month. New Years Resolution #1: Blog more!  Am I the only person who really feels that the new year doesn't begin on January 1st but rather on the first "back to normal" day of the year? The first day everyone goes back to work/school/daycare? So this last Monday for me. Which means this post is still three days late.

I've tried to sit down and formalize some resolutions and honestly I find it somewhat slippery. Maybe that's a sign that I need some meditation and calm in my life. Resolution #2: Find some calmness. Picture my thoughts as smooth as glassy water... oh look, a sunny beach! with waves! and boats! and swimming! and... not so smooth. Where was I?
(not a sunny beach!)
Ok, seriously tho, this year I'm going to get back to blogging. I miss it. (says everyone with a blog, ever.) I didn't even do a best of or an end of year recap this year (last year) and now I feel like everyone has moved on. I read 58 books, more than my goal of 52. A brief glance says they were almost all romances or non-fiction, with a large percentage of the non-fiction being about running. My goal this year is another 52 books. I'd like to be better about NetGalley feedback, even if that means reporting that I could not finish the book. I'd like to review more here and on Goodreads. I have started my very own face to face book club (we meet next week for the first time!) so at least 12 of those books should be of interest to more people than just me. I have a list of half-read series and have done the legwork to see where I can get them without buying them. I am READY for a good reading year.

Last year I trained to run a half marathon and ended up injured. My injury is healed (I think) and I'm getting back into running. Mike and I have challenged ourselves to run 730 miles this year, including 2 half marathons and at least 2 5Ks.  He's got a few more on his list, because he loves trail running. I'm currently behind 5 miles (counting today, and it's still early) but it is South Dakota winter, which means negative wind chills and ice, and treadmills are boring. Unless you watch Gilmore Girls while you run (Resolution #Next: Finish Gilmore Girls. #teamjess!)

My goal is to finish the hexie quilt for Lauren by her 5th birthday, which is August 31st. This is an insane goal. I have a very long ways to go. I have about 2200 hexies basted and around 120 flowers sewn. That leaves about 700 hexies to baste and maybe 250 flowers to sew together, and then assembling the whole thing. Did I also just say I was going to read 52 GOOD books, blog about them, and then run 730 miles? I do still have a job, right?

Speaking of jobs, my new job is EXCELLENT. I love it. I have been here two months and I am still very excited to come every day. It has so much potential and it's interesting and my new bosses are terrific.

And lastly, the resolution I make every year: Be the friend I'd like to have. Say the compliment that I thought in my head outloud. ("Your dress is so cute!" "Your child was very helpful and considerate to mine." "Thank you for getting back to me so quickly." Etc.)

Here's to a really INTENTIONAL good year in 2015!


  1. Happy New Year to you!! I love your resolution to say all those compliments out loud!

  2. I love your family picture! Time does fly by. Good luck on your running plans. I actually enjoy running on the treadmill more than running outdoors....I have a book rack on my treadmill and can read whole books that way.

  3. I love this post! That pic of you guys is great. So happy that you're loving your job and getting back into running. Good things abound! :)

  4. I hope you are able to blog, but don't pressure yourself too much! Good luck with all of your goals!

  5. I love the idea of saying all those nice things, and not just rotten thoughts. I visited a friend, whom I have not seen for a very long time. AND all I could think of was, we've gotten so old, and she's so sick. When I should have said, I love what you've done with your house, and I'm so glad we've reconnected.

  6. You guys look great. The running is paying off. Your kids are so big now. Especially the girl!


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