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Monday, January 26, 2015

Hexagon Update #1zillion #stillnotdone

I know, you are all waiting on the edges of your seats for an update. Great news! You can see all the updates you ever wanted if you follow me on Instagram! But I suppose I can update here as well if you aren't an IG addict like myself (I'd give up Facebook first).

I now have 2195 hexies basted. Only about 600 to go! SO crazy to be so close. I've sewn together about 130 flowers. I started to piece parts of the quilt top together and that was SO exciting. I worked on it for an entire day and in my head I was kicking ass and taking names. So I had the brilliant idea to lay them all out and see just how far I had to go....

Yikes. Turns out I have a long long ways to go- the part I spent all that time working on is the corner by her foot! It turns out I have to think a lot more about the lay out than I expected, or I end up with too many partial flowers. (And to be fair, the area with flowers on the final quilt will actually be inside this frame, I'm doing a border of white that will be approximately where this outline is, but it's not basted so I had to lay out flowers.)

My goal was to finish by her birthday this year, which would give me 7 more months. Seems a bit impossible from here, but it's not a goal if it's easy, right?

 It's all about the baste, about the baste, more hexies!


  1. See? Laying out all those hexies totally motivated you! And you got the cute picture with The Princess. Mine are currently sitting in a heap by my bed. Making me feel guilty. Maybe next month I'll pick them up again.

  2. Good luck! I always enjoyed quilting, but I haven't touched it in years, so I live through others. :)

  3. I have about 60 more flowers for my grandmother flower quilt. I have been working on and off with it for 5 years. I have a goal of finishing it this year, hopefully. I like your color choices for the fabrics. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Pretty in pink - what a great gift for your daughter!

  5. Looks good! Little by little it'll come together.

  6. It's going to be so beautiful!


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