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Friday, January 30, 2015

Random Friday, Nothing but the books.

This week was incredibly uneventful and I like it that way. So I really have nothing to report besides the books I'm reading. Let's get on with that, shall we?

Book Report!

What I Read This Week:

  • Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh. (Scribd) You know, I loved some, hated some. I don't plan to write a full review, but if you liked the blog you'll probably enjoy the book. I loved the parts about her depression (wow, I'm a jerk!) but some of the parts were just too dense and introspective for me. Also: PARP!
  • The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ by Roger Stone. This is our book club book. I'm endlessly sidetracked by having to go look up things like the Zapruder film.
New on my e-Shelf this week (the library is foiling all my reading plans and giving me all my ebook requests at once. Thanks library! Looks like I'll be reading those two next):
  • Just Mercy by Bryan Stephenson (library e-book) It was on one of those "If you enjoyed the Serial podcast, you'd enjoy..." lists.
  • All the Light We Cannot See by (library e-book) Why did I never notice this was 500+ pages??
  • Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs (NetGalley) Ah, I almost made it to Friday with no new NetGalley books! One of my very favorite authors, I can't wait to dive in.
  • You by Caroline Kepnes. (Amazon) I heard a review of this and could not resist. I'd really like to listen to it tho, so am debating also buying the audio.
  • Her Highland Fling by Jennifer McQuiston. (Amazon) Some authors are just really good at self-promotion.


  1. I've flipped through Hyperbole and a Half and didn't think it looked too appealing because the artwork isn't that good. I've never read the blog - I guess I should check it out.

  2. What's the girl got there? A cake pop? That is ginormous!

  3. Such a cute pic! I love Hyperbole and a Half madly (already have the book, love...and yes, PARP! also CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE, which maybe Lauren is saying right now?) -- and am so psyched to hear there's a new Charles & Anna book coming. LOVE THEM.

  4. Dead Heat is on NetGalley! JEALOUS! I have it pre-ordered, but... (I am now gone to NetGalley...)

  5. Yes, all the light we cannot see, is a heavy read. I didn't finish the paper version, decided to load it on my e reader. I'm curious what you'll think of your LBJ book.

  6. I'm looking forward to getting to Hyperbole and a Half but I'm not expecting to LOVE it. You got a NetGalley book! I was tempted by that one but I restrained myself since she's not an author that I actually read yet. It was still tough.

  7. All The Light We Cannot See is over 500 pages?? My book club is not going to be happy with me when they figure that out!

  8. When does your book club meet again? Will you finish the book?


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