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Friday, January 16, 2015

The Return of Random Friday

I'm just as surprised as you are, Sirius Black!

It has been stupidly cold here since Christmas, but the last two days were beautiful, in the 30s. All the paths are mostly clear of snow and the urge to run outside struck strong. Unfortunately I couldn't go Wednesday (more on that momentarily!) but last night Mike pushed me out the door at 5 and I had my first outdoor run in months. It was awesome. I didn't quite make it 3 miles, because all the snow that had melted during the day was turning back to ice and the ground got slick, but I could have. I am WAY behind on my two miles a day goal, but I expect that when the weather picks up again I'll start making up ground.

And why didn't I run Wednesday as well? Because I had book club! I realize that most people who want a book club already have one, and I've been talking about it half my life. So finally I decided to put up or shut up and we had our first meeting this week. We read Station Eleven and while we got a bit sidetracked on discussion it was a lot of fun. Since it was our first meeting we spent a lot of time talking about other books and our bookish history and getting to know each other's preferences. We are planning to rotate through our own TBR for titles. I chose Station Eleven, Jenna chose next months book (The Man Who Killed Kennedy ), Lyndee will go next, etc.  We have veto power, but the idea is that we have to not reject it without a good reason. No one wants depressing books, but that's about it. No excessive crying (sorry, Shawna.) Anyone have suggestions?

Book Report!

What I Read (Am Reading):

  • Something True by Karelia Stetz-Waters (NetGalley) This one is outside of my usual romance road, as it features two female leads, but I'm enjoying it.
  • The Sweet Spot: How to Find Your Groove at Home and Work by Christine Carter. (NetGalley) I DNF'd this one. It just was not what I thought it would be.
  • Echo Lake by Carla Neggers (NetGalley) My first full length Neggers, review to come.
  • Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (Personal e-book/audio) I listened to this one for two miles while I was on the treadmill. Guys, I'm not feeling the love everyone else does.
New on my e-Shelf:

    The ones I'm hoping to read next, but don't hold me to it:

    • Fire Me Up by Kimberly Kincaid. (NetGalley) I read another in this series recently and thought I'd give her a second chance.
    • Sweet Talking Man by Liz Talley. (NetGalley) I've yet to read a Liz Talley I didn't love.
    • Tales from Another Mother Runner by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea (NetGalley, but I would have bought it.) I need to get my mojo back and I loved their first two.


    1. You call the 30s beautiful? I call that frigid. We've been whining because it's been in the 40s. Thankfully we're starting a warming trend.

    2. When it hits 30 here, I can stand it okay but I wouldn't want to be running around in it. To me, a nice, cool 55 with sun is very refreshing.

    3. Yay! I love random Friday! I was in a book club for awhile and when it was good I really enjoyed it but because it was one affiliated with the mom's group the crowd changed over time and I started not enjoying the company of the other members. Yours sounds great!

    4. I know there are people who are really serious about the book discussion at a book club and I work to make sure we spend at least a good chunk of time doing that. But part of the fun of book club is making new friends and catching up with each other every month. Don't feel bad about "Outlander," you're not the only one who doesn't love it.

    5. lol Cats do such interesting things...

    6. I am impressed every time you post an icy running picture. We had a cold spell (one day of frost on my windshield = severe cold front in my world) and I stated it was too cold to run. Yes, I am a weather wimp. You are my hero.


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