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Friday, July 17, 2015

Five Things about Running

Mike and I had a chance to run together last week. We have completely different running styles- he runs slow and steady, and I run less slow (still slow) but take more walk breaks. We ran at his pace and it was actually rather pleasant.  I'm actually considering finding a regular sitter for two hours a week so we can do it again.

I got my new Garmin Forerunner 10 watch and am already in LOVE. I love that I don't have to listen to the Runtastic lady tell me how far I went and I love that it's instant feedback without fumbling for my phone. Now if I could find a pair of wireless headphones and curb my need to stop and take pictures on my runs I'd be able to run forever. Right?

I really seriously want these trail shoes. First, they are Brooks. Second, they are pretty! Third, HEXAGONS.


On my dad's side of the family I only have two cousins. One of them ran a half marathon this spring, when her baby was about 6 months old.  The other one is running her first half this fall, when HER baby is about 6 months old. MY baby is almost 5.  It's a gauntlet they don't know they threw.

Ultrarunner Scott Jurek broke the supported thru-hike record of the Appalachian Trail this week in just over 46 days. He ran 50+ miles a day for 46 days. I'm not sure which is more amazing to me- that he could run that far that many days in a row... or how obsessively Mike and I followed his updates. While I have no desire to run the entire trail, it does make me want to run a bit of it...

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