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Friday, August 28, 2015

Five random thoughts on Friday

  1. I often feel like I'm beating a dead horse in my efforts to get people to give romance novels a fair chance. I get it, not everyone loves a good romance, but I'd at least like to see the scorn and judgement stop. This is especially true for people who have never even cracked a romance open. It's like saying you hate romantic movies because you thought Pretty Woman was stupid even tho you really love The Princess Bride. Both of those are romantic, both have a couple who overcome obstacles to end up together. They are completely different, of course, but both have a happy ending for the couple. This is a great post by romance author Kristin Higgins about that very thing.
    "Romance encompasses fantasy, suspense, comedy, history, mystery, coming-of-age, and crime. The only difference between romance and just about any other kind of fiction is the promise of an emotionally satisfying ending."
  2. My baby girl's 5th birthday party is tomorrow. Because it's so close to the start of Kindergarten, and she doesn't actually know anyone yet, we invited all the girls in her class. So far, not ONE person has RSVP'd either way. I have no idea what to prepare her for, and no way to contact any of the parents, and guys, she's gonna be SO heartbroken if at least some of them don't show up. 
  3. This morning when I got into my car I discovered, juuuuust in the nick of time, that a very large spider had built a very large web across the inside of the door. By which I mean the part you climb through to sit in the driver's seat. I might have to firebomb my car.
  4. Tristan is playing football this year. He is not a sporty kid at all but he was interested and Mike was all for it.  He's very excited.
  5. Last weekend I went for a run on this trail. It was lots of quick ups and downs, and in many places really soft sand covered with cut grasses. (The Park service maintains it as far as knocking down the new growth, but that's it.) It was a lot of fun, and also really slow. I mostly run on wide, packed gravel trails, so it made  me a tiny bit nervous to run on the loose sand. Five more long runs before my half marathon! I've been working on practicing my hill form, since a lot of the half is hills. I worry that my flat trails have spoiled me.
What's on your mind today?


  1. No one RSVP's anymore and it's so frustrating.

  2. Kid's birthday parties make me incredibly nervous for that exact reason. Hopefully she'll have a good attendance and make some great new friends! Hope Tristan has a good time at football. I don't have anyone who plays it but we played years of soccer and mine seem to play it as a full contact sport. I highly recommend stocking up on Icy Hot and lots of it. After you firebomb your car off course.


    I didn't realize Lauren's party was tomorrow. I know that you will make it special for her, even if the turnout isn't what you hoped.

    And I kind of feel like #1 is directed at me. :P

  4. This happened to us once. My daughter's bday is over fall break so we handed out the invites before the break and the ones that RSVPd did not show and people that we did not invite, did. I think sometimes the invites get thrown on the playground and kids pick them up thinking anyone can go. To remedy it, I don't put the address on the invite anymore. If they want to go, they have to call me. 1) If forces them to RSVP because they need the address 2) People can't just show up.

    My daughter was so upset when that happened to her. I was like, who the hell are these people?

  5. Also, our schools won't distribute invites so the kid has to hand them out and you know how that goes. Or they get buried in a backpack.

  6. I hope Lauren gets some friends to help her celebrate! We've had those parties that were busts and it is devastating. We finally made a deal with the kids that instead of having parties with lots of kids (and stress of us), they could pick a couple of friends and we'd go out to eat and to a movie. No gift bags, no prep and cleanup, no disappointment. Don't even get me started on people's inability to RSVP any more. So rude. I love Ti's idea about not putting addresses on the invites.


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