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Friday, November 20, 2015

Five Random Thoughts on Friday

  1. I've gotten pretty good at preparing these Friday posts in advance. Today I totally forgot.
  2. I blame lack of sleep. Sleep has never been easy for my kids, as long time readers know. (Yes, we've tried that.)  Shockingly, Noah (the Bug), who has historically been the awful one, has been great for a month now.  And Lauren sleeps great- if she's in our bed. It's the oldest that is having sleep issues. 
  3. And then two nights I stayed up way too late reading. I so rarely get quiet time to myself and I just couldn't help it.
  4. I've barely put on my running shoes since the time change. I don't want to run in the dark. I don't mind the cold so much, but it's just never daylight. I'm considering running at lunch, but I'm not sure how to deal with being sweaty. Perhaps the cold weather will help with that. Does anyone else run at lunch or take a lunch time fitness class? How do you handle it?
  5. I've been thinking a lot about my life and how I spend my spare time lately. I clearly recognize where I'm wasting time that I could be doing something that's both fun and productive- like go for a run or read a book- and yet I just look at Instagram.  I need to make some physical changes in my environment to make them happen, stating with deleting some phone apps or turning off notifications. I need to clear a handy spot to work on hexies and I need to keep the dining room table clear so I can spread out. I need to get the basement set up so that going down there to work out isn't always a cleaning marathon first. So it'll happen, just I need to muster the energy to make some changes.  Am I the only one who identifies an goal and then spends way too long figuring out how to do it?


  1. Ugh, sleep is such a tough issue. Hopefully, you'll all get some good sleep soon.

  2. I don't get enough sleep and my kids aren't even the issue anymore. I only average about 4.5 hours a night. I just don't sleep well.

    I am a planner so I spend a lot of time planning which ends up taking time away from doing... so I get your last bullet.

  3. My oldest child has always been a rotten sleeper. ugh.

    And my Friday Five post just went up now- which is about 6 hours later than I wanted. I should have stayed up last night to finish it instead of procrastinating.


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