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Friday, January 29, 2016

5 Things I Need in My Wardrobe

Lately I've made a point to have an actual list of things I need in my wardrobe and to try not to shop too much off that mental list. Here's five things that I am on the lookout for..

1. A watch I can wear every day. Amazon won't let me post a picture, but I'll probably end up with this one by Nine West. Eventually I'll buy myself this one, perhaps for my birthday?

2. A couple pairs of great slacks, probably black and gray, but the color isn't important. This is too boring for me to shop for, let alone show you.

3. Olive boots. These would do.

4. Black loafers that can go with slacks or jeans. I used to have the perfect pair from Born, but years of constant wear finally killed them. These make me happy.

5. A couple dressier shirts. I have a ton of simple t-shirt type shirts that are fine for every day, but occasionally I do need to dress up more. This polka dot one is kind of fun.


  1. I need to do this because I always find tops or pants that I like and then can't figure out what I have to go with them. I love those boots!

  2. I really want a pair of Sperry Top Siders!! Navy blue and brown ones. I need an entire new wardrobe. All my clothes suck, for lack of a better word.

  3. I'm kind of looking forward to the day when I can wear actual pants that don't have an elastic band and then we can text our outfits back and forth again. I'm planning on saving up some money and splurging on really nice jeans once I get back into shape. Ones that don't stretch out over a single wear and that I'm not continually having to hike up in the behind because they don't fit well. Love those booties!!


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