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Friday, May 20, 2016

Five things I want on Friday

I am slightly in love with these Dr. Scholls sandals. I think they would be cute with shorts and skirts both.

This Under Armour tank. We tend to not buy UA stuff, because the trendiness of a $50 shirt for 1st graders kills us, but I love the back of this tank.

Nude ballet flats.  As much as I look at wedges and heels, I always come back to ballet flats. I need a pair that "disappears" while still looking cute. I have a very old beat up pair of Clarks, but they are no longer in work condition. I like this pair from Steve Madden.

This summery t-shirt. Perfect for post run. (The hashtags say #perfectday #anyorder #showeroptional #letsbereal)

A Turkish bath towel. If the reviews are correct, these would be well worth the money! Compact and still opens large, dries well, gets softer with washing. I hate the giant bag of towels we lug on the boat each time.

What's on your wish list this week?


  1. I had no idea Dr. Scholls makes cute shoes like that!

  2. Those Turkish towels sound great and the price is not bad at all. Heck, I'd like those in my house!


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