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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bookish Ramblings

A couple of things happened today that seem interesting enough (to me, at least) to post about. First, I had someone in my office today for a small vacation loan. We talked a bit about various places she had been, and the subject of books and bookstores came up. Now, I admit to some stereotyped ideas about her based on age, occupation, and manner of speech, but honestly, I was suprised. In the conversation that followed I learned that she is possibly more obsessive about books than I am. I admit to being a little shocked, but definately learned my lesson.

I was off at noon today (don't get too excited, I have to work Saturday to make up for it) and had the entire afternoon to myself. What to do??? I started with a trip to Hobby Lobby to fondle the yarn. I was strong, and did not buy any. Then I drove through the parking lot at Borders- BUT RESISTED! I had a quick lunch then came home to read a bit (more on that later). I decided to go to the library (haven't been in months due to PBS books) and pay my fine and get a couple of crochet books. The selection was pitiful. I did find one with some incredibly cute afghans, so brought that one home. At the last minute I checked the catalog for The Book Thief, and amazingly, it was on the shelf, so I brought that home too. That is not a small book! I need to finish my current book, and probably at least start The Inheritance of Loss first.

Several weeks ago I posted in a Thursday Thirteen that I had problems with conflict in books. I can't just read through conflict. I have to stop, regroup, then continue reading. No speeding through to see what happens for me, nope nope. I'm sure this says something about my need to always be in control. Anyway, the book I'm reading now is Fahrenheit 451. I've never read this before (yeah, I know) and when I had to stop reading during lunch I had to laugh at myself. It's not fight scenes that get me, it's almost always scenes where some secret (good or bad) is about to come out. So 50 pages into a 150 page book, and I had to stop. Sigh.

Incidently, the copy I have was published in 1967. It was priced at $.50 and advertises The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings in the back. $1.00 each! including shipping!


  1. READ THE BOOK THIEF!!! :-) I'm a little obsessed with that book , can ya tell? It's fantastic! However if you don't like conflict...beware.

  2. I red Fareinheit late too. And after I read it I was telling everyone what a great book it was.

    Good Thursday Thirteen.


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