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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Newberry Challenge ?

Nattie Writes! has started a Newberry Award winner challenge...

Ok, I know. I have too many of these as it is. But this one seems so harmless- it's children's books, how much more reading time could possibly be involved? This one has a set number of books- read 6 Newberry Award Winners. The challenge starts May 15, and runs to December 31, 2007. PLENTY of time. I just quick browsed the Newberry List, and quite easily found 8 or 10 that I'd love to read (or re-read, as the case may be.) Should I?


  1. I'm at the "should I" stage too. I already have 2 challenges going on... it was 3, but I abandoned the Banned Books Challenge. I wish you luck if you do decide to begin this one!

  2. Yes, you should! I'm doing it, too. I love Newbery books.

  3. Ok, but this is IT! No more challenges! There's just no way I'll get all this read AND read other stuff too!

  4. Oh my god, I love so many of those books.. especially Island of the Blue Dolphins...


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