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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Second Coming of Lucy Hatch, Real Murders, Math and notes

Two reviews in one post today! Last night I finished up The Second Coming of Lucy Hatch by Marsha Moyer. Marketed as chick-lit, trade paperback sized, red shoes on the cover- but reads like any other romance novel out there. This might be a bad thing for some people, but as I happen to enjoy the occasional romance this was fine by me. It was a nice change from everything serious.

Lucy Hatch is 33 years old, and was recently widowed after a 14 year marriage. She moves back home to Mooney, population 1200. Her actions quickly scandalize her family. She attracts the notice and attention of local bad-boy Ash Farrell and all bets are off.

I really enjoyed this book. This was the author's first novel, but it really sucked me in and held my attention. I read it in two sittings, which is rare for me lately. The romance is sweet, there is no Big Misunderstanding, the main characters all seem believable. The plot turns on an issue from her first marriage that is completely believable (spoiler here, if you want one) and not too overdone. I enjoyed it so much that I looked up the author's other two books on Amazon, and discovered that they are continuations of this story. Unfortunately, just the first complete sentences of each summary gives spoilers to this first book, so don't go there if you don't want to know.

This book was on my TBR challenge list.

This weekend I finished up Real Murders by Charlaine Harris. This one is a little mystery first published in 1990. I requested this through Paperbackswap because I enjoy the Sookie Stackhouse books so much. It was ok. I'm not going to summarize, it wasn't anything special. I will probably hold off on requesting any more of this series until I have exhausted all the other Charlaine Harris books. I assume they get better, the most recent one was published in 2004.

I'm dropping behind again in books. I'm at 72 in (the last one in being An Unquiet Mind) and 32 read, so 40 behind for the year. I am reading more than ever so this is really challenging me to keep track. Speaking of challenges, I'm about to finalize my Southern Challenge list, so stay tuned. I am returning The Road to the library unread, and even unopened. I could not make myself take the plunge, and it's on a wait list. I will add my name again after vacation. We leave in 10 days!


  1. I like a good romance now and again too! I probably wouldn't have gone from a lighthearted easy read into something like The Road either. It definately is not holiday reading..

  2. I'm looking forward to reading this soon. It's my August book for the TBR Challenge


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