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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pride and Prejudice by by Jane Austen

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

I first read Pride and Prejudice my senior year of high school. I remember enjoying it, but skimming lots of it. This time around, I read every word. I can easily see why so many people list this book in their top five or top ten or top one. I'm not going to lay out the plot, if you don't know what P&P is about, it's because you aren't interested in the first place. Everyone who could want to know, does. I was struck by the writing- there is not one extra word anywhere in this book. Every sentence is perfect, the dialogue is exactly right. My favorite character is Mr. Bennet.

And no, it was on the list. I got this one via email from so it didn't count. I read it at times that I couldn't read a paper book. I've signed up for Sense and Sensibility next.

Now I just need to find time to watch the Colin Firth version of the movie.


  1. Pride and Prejudice is definately on my all time favourite list! And I own the miniseries with Colin Firth as Mr Darcy and have watched it far too many times to admit! About the list on my blog, there's a book that was published ages ago, called 1001 books you must read before you die, and there's an essay or something about each of the books. It's really expensive, and I'd never in a million years buy it, but I'm glad someone published the list for me!

  2. Pride and Prejudice is among my favorites, for sure. I actually didn't like the book the first time I read it. It took the second reading not too long ago for me to appreciate it.

  3. Ooooo.... I LOVEd this book. As with every Austin book I've read, I hung on every word! Brilliant, witty writer!

    the movie with Keira Knightley is actually very good.... You should check it. :)

  4. I fell in love with the book first. I was really pleasantly surprised how like the book the movie was. I despise movies that stray too far from the book. This P&P is phenomenal, and so true to Austen's vision.


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