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Monday, June 25, 2007

I've been grounded!

I've decided that I need to be grounded. (Or restricted, depending on what part of the country you are from.) I spend way too much time online and not enough reading and when I do read I don't focus and I just skip around and never finish anything. So. Yesterday I spent a good bit of time reading, and tonight I will do the same. And tomorrow and the next day, all the way until I get somewhat caught up. I am also removing some feeds from my Google Reader to help with the temptation.

Here's the reading plan from now until July 21, if you catch me veering off, please chastise me!

You may note that not one of these books are for a challenge. I am aware of that. I don't see a way around it though, as these all have deadlines or are already started. Once these are done I'll probably try to work through my Southern Challenge books since that challenge ends first of the ones I'm participating in.

This week's math is bad. 88 books in. None read (or, more accurately, none finished) for a total of 55 behind. Last book in is Kitty Goes to Washington.

My other current project is to get the vacation photos online for my family. If you're dying to see a million pictures of my monkey and know the website, check back tonight. If you don't know the website, and for unknown reasons want to see a million pictures of my kid, leave your email in comments and I'll send you the link. I don't want to post it too publicly, sorry.

And finally (Hi, Brianna!) I have managed to mark a few things off my 101 Things list. Not many, but it's progress.


  1. I know the "I need to read blogs less and do other stuff more" feeling. Not like I'm currently experiencing it or anything, though.

    Nope, not me.


    Your library will love those overdue fines. It's a great way to support your local library! (did you buy that?)

  2. ha! Yes, I'm considering it a rental fee, like a movie rental (I return those late too!)

    I made a lot of progress on The Faith Club last night, and today at work (shhhh!) I've been reading Pride & Prejudice so it seems that I'm getting somewhere. I will post another book review again someday!

  3. I can totally relate. The internet is an awful, awful thing.


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