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Saturday, January 05, 2008

My TBR List

As I noted in my previous post, one reading resolution for 2008 is to read all the books on a list I made of books I already have but didn't get to in 2007. These are all books that got a lot of blog time last year, but what whatever reason I never read. I hope to keep up better this year.

Here they are in random order:


  1. You have so many wonderful books on your list: The Thirteenth Tale, Nineteen Minutes, Shadow of the Wind...I hope you can get to them in '08!

    Take care!

  2. That's a great list! Of the ones I've read, I'd say Snow Flower was the best. BUT, you should definitely read Time Traveler's Wife before the movie comes out. I *really* think you'll like these two!

  3. I'm about 100 pages into TTW. It's amazing to me that someone can think this stuff up!

  4. Your list of books is GREAT. Ive read most of them and without a doubt I suggest you start with The Thirteenth Tale.

    Where did you get this list? Or how do you choose your books? It seems we have the same taste and I have no idea what to choose for my next book.

  5. Lindsay, those are just my leftovers from last year! Every time some blog would tell me how great a book was I'd add it to my list at paperbackswap. I collected all those, but never got around to reading them. So this year my resolution is to actually keep up with all these great sounding books! Starting with those, since I already have them.

  6. A lot of these books are among some of the better ones that I've read. Its been a while since I've been around--congrats on baby-boy to be! :)

  7. I have read several of those. I loved Water for Elephants and Snow Flower. I still need to get to TTW


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