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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Weekly Recap. (On Thursday) (the parenthetical version)

SO busy and tired at our house this week! Saturday we went to the Home Show to browse hot tubs (not that we're in the market, just that 75% of the show is hot tubs) and lawn tractors (also not in the market, unless you are a two year old.) We hit up Target and the mall with the small boy to see what he was in the mood for when it comes to toys (his party is this Saturday) and to purchase more socks (the checker at Old Navy told me that they were retiring navy and khaki little boy socks for the summer, and that they do it every year, thus the $.49 socks. While I appreciate the price, I think she's mistaken as the monkey has only ever worn the ON socks and navy and khaki are always available.) By Saturday night the muscles holding up the giant belly were very angry, and even now on Thursday, I am still paying for this excess of walking.

What else? Preparations for the Pirate party are well underway (unless you count cleaning, and I'd rather not, thanks.) The baby's room is 90% done (or 90% of what I had hoped to be done is done, not counting the other stuff we haven't done. God I love that sentence.) The quilt is done (100%!) The pillows are done (ditto.) Just need a little more shelf straightening and it will be ready to go for the party. Eventually, I'd like to make some little canvas baskets for toys, and some pillows from the leftover quilt pieces, but neither of those were on the original list.

I spent Sunday evening in bed reading (see above for bellyaching) and managed to get a decent chunk of The Battle for God read. I also read the first 1/3 of Toddler and 5 or 6 chapters of Fool Moon by Jim Butcher. I'm not so sure about Harry Dresden. He's a bit annoying in his superiority (false modesty? something annoying about him though. I'm up to chapter 15 or so now, and the annoyance has not yet abated.) I'm also still reading Heat Stroke, and the other morning added Take Me by Bella Andre. None of the others were at hand and I NEEDED something to read. One day I might actually finish a book. (Ha.) (And no, I don't get them confused.)

This weekend is the party, and then the monkey turns 3 on Monday. Seems crazy. My offical due date for the baby is 38 days away. Things are happening too fast these days!

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  1. Hope the party goes well! And a Happy early birthday to the monkey! 3 is sooo grown up, I think I'll cry when Elliot is three (8 short months away!) And I can't believe your due date is so near, how exciting!


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