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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Book Blowout

The year is almost half over, which means that I should have read 30 books at this point to meet my goal for the year. I've read 24. Therefore, I am joining the Book Blowout at Blue Archipelago.

The Rules are simple:

How do I join in the fun?

* You can sign up any time between today and July 14 - just because I’m a bit slow to announce this!
* To join you need to post about the Book Blowout on your blog - and set yourself a target number of books you will try to read - go on challenge yourself! (Please note: If you do not have a blog I am perfectly happy for you to post your target in the comments below - and then the list of books in the wrap-up post in August)
* Use the Mr Linky below to link to that post so we can all see how many books you’re taking on in the Blowout
* Post a list of the books you managed to read by the deadline of August 7 to complete the challenge

What rules do I need to know?

* Only books read between July 1 and July 31 count towards the challenge
* You can include re-reads - as long as they are read within the month of July
* Books you abandon will only count as half a book
* If you read to your children you can include all books which have more than 100 pages
* You can include up to two graphic novels
* You can include up to two audio books - (if you have a visual impairment that prevents you from reading then you can use just audio books for the challenge)
* Books you read for other challenges are eligible - use this as an opportunity to catch up!
* If you start a book before July 1 and then finish it during the month of July then you can count is as half a book

To catch myself up, I'll need to read ELEVEN books in July. This is a crazy amount of books, so I'll say 8. Still insane, but possibly doable. That'll be my 5 books for July, and half my deficit for the year. Wish me luck!

If you're following along at home, this puts me in for three challenges: The Chunkster Challenge, the Classics Challenge, and now this. So far I could make them all!

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  1. I just joined in on this Blowout too - I am off work for the whole month so I am hoping to read 6 books. Good luck with your list.


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