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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Random List of Things

Good thing I don't have a partial feed because I suspect the beginning and end of this list won't have anything to do with each other!
  • Today is my birthday. I am 33. Crazy.
  • I started reading My Sister's Keeper by Picoult. So far it's easy to read, but I am terrified that the sister dies. Can I handle it if she does?
  • I had a giant vanilla latte today, my first caffeine in weeks. It was lots of fun.
  • I really like the way Maw Books always posts the best seller list for the week, indicating which ones she's read. I'd SO do that, but I am so far behind on best sellers it might be pointless. Here's her list from last week. I've read 6 of them. I might start doing part of it- fiction and non-fiction, not the advice or children's though.
  • I'm almost done with Helping Me Help Myself by Beth Lisick. I'm having problems getting through the chapter on money. Identify much?
  • I'm too lazy to link to book titles. Ya'll know how to use Amazon.
  • This weekend is Father's Day. I have not yet placed my Amazon order. Shhhhh. Perhaps he won't notice?
  • If I have to buy you a gift, and I don't know what you want- you get books.
  • Next Tuesday my mother comes to town.
  • I am going out to dinner tonight for my birthday. WITHOUT THE BOYS (the little ones, the big one is paying.)
  • Did I mention it's my birthday?
  • I hope someone buys me shoes.
  • I love Etsy. I could spend so much money there.
  • Which reminds me, the wedding sewing I did is finally done, so hopefully I'll be posting things for the shop again soon.
  • No, not my wedding. A small sewing commission. Whoo! Pictures to come soon.
  • New blogs on my reader: What I Wore Today, Mighty Girl, ArdentlyPinkReads (among others)
  • Ok, I'm annoying myself with the lists.


  1. I love this list (and all lists, frankly). I especially liked the new blogs you linked! What a good idea!dg

  2. Happy Birthday, Lisa! Hope you have great (grownup) evening tonight. I read My Sister's Keeper a few years ago--think it is my favorite Picoult book. speaking of freezer books, finally saw that Friend's episode the other night!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'd break out into song but I'm an awful singer. Enjoy your night out! I'm glad that you like that I post the NY Times bestsellers. I know we are all to busy to go look at it often so I decided to bring the list to you. You reconfirmed to me that this is a feature that I'll keep.

  4. Happy Birthday! I enjoyed reading your list.

  5. Hey! Happy Birthday! I enjoyed your random list. Sometimes they are the best way to get a blog post out there. Hope your day was fun. Did you get some shoes?

  6. Lisa,
    I forgot, of course, that you are older than me! ^-^ Yeah! Ok, so just by a few days, but still it makes me feel a trite better. hehe
    Hope you had a GREAT birthday!!!

  7. Poor planning on my part (forgot to bring a bottle) meant that the baby bug went to dinner with us. He slept through it though so all was good.

    I did not (yet) get any shoes. I did get a cool skirt and am thinking about sneaking a sewing book onto my Amazon order.

  8. Laura, yours is the 17th right?

  9. Happy, happy birthday (yesterday)! I hope you had a great day celebrating you, Lisa!

  10. Yeah, mine is the 17th and DJ's is the 21st. Planning another bar-b-que for him. :D
    Laura H...

  11. Happy belated birthday, Lisa! You are now at the ideal age. At least the age I want to be forever. ;-)

    My Sister's Keeper was my first Picoult book. I was sold on her after that.


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