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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It's Tuesday: Where are you?

Every Tuesday raidergirl3 (what's the 3 for anyway?) at an adventure in reading asks where our reading is taking us this week. This time, I decided to answer in a post. Since I generally read more than one book at a time, this makes me a very confused traveler. Julia Quinn and I are in historic England, but we're about to take a trip to Ireland to verify a marriage. Harry Dresden and I are just getting started on a new case in Chicago, this one involving the Shroud of Turin. Nick Hornby is telling where *he's* been lately (ok, where he was several years ago) in The Polysyllabic Spree.

Lately I've been wanting to read everything that crosses my path. I've firmly resisted starting anything new since I finished Bridget Jones's Diary two nights ago. The most seductive have been Love Walked In (probably cause I just got Belong to Me from Paperbackswap) and gods in Alabama (because her blog is so dang funny.) And Plum Lucky. And I still need to read one form my TBR list (scroll down) for this month.

So where are you this week? Be sure to let raidergirl know too, as it's really her question to start with!

1 comment:

  1. Great post Lisa.
    The 3? when I first started being on-line I was at livejournal, and when I tried to be raidergirl, there was someone else with that, as well as with raidergirl2, so I went with 3.

    A better answer would be that I have 3 kids though, wouldn't it?
    The raider part is the nickname of my high school, where I teach after having graduated from there. I'm a raidergirl through and through.


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