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Monday, July 14, 2008

The Lost Duke of Wyndham by Julia Quinn

The Lost Duke of Wyndham is the first book in Julia Quinn's new two book series. The sequel will be released later this year. If I had to choose one word to describe this book it would be "likable." The characters were all so likable. Even the mean old lady was likable.

Jack Audley discovers he is the long-lost son of a Wyndham. He has no interest in becoming the Duke. Grace Eversleigh is the companion to the dowager Duchess. There is never really any question as to if he's the real duke. There's no question that they aren't of the same class and shouldn't marry if he is the Duke.

Everyone is very likable. Jack is great. Grace is nice and sweet. Thomas, the original Duke, is perfect (which is great because the sequel is about him!) The woman who was to be the Duchess is perfectly happy not to be. I liked them all. The problem with the book is that there's really no reason that they fell in love that I could see. Don't get me wrong, it was a sweet little book, it just wasn't very romantic and it wasn't a keeper. My other complaint is that it was very modern. The setting is historical, but the conversations and ideas aren't. I'm a little disappointed not to love it more, Julia Quinn is my favorite romance author and the only one I still read with regularity. This won't stop me from reading the sequel, I suspect that it will have a plot line much more to my liking.

This is my third book for the July Book Blowout.

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