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Friday, July 25, 2008

On link love and coffee and camping.

Over at Bookfoolery and Babble we are having a rousing discussion (ok, rousing might be too strong) in the comments section of this post about having a blogroll on your blog. Obviously, I don't have one. I haven't in a long time because it got too dang hard to keep up with. I am subscribed to hundreds and hundreds of blogs! But, I am thinking of adding one. I thought I'd start with blogs that comment on MY blog and run from there. I'm going to start from the commentors on my contest and start adding. Want a little love? Leave me a comment! Show me who my REAL friends are! (And then make a wish and forward this to 827 people and your wish will come true in the next 10 minutes!) (Ok, so I might just start adding people too, but it would really help if you'd leave a comment. K?) I noticed that blogger lets you do a list that updates and puts people with new posts at the top, has anyone tried that?

I've been avoiding caffeine for several months now because the Bug doesn't sleep so well when I have caffeine. Every morning I have one little tiny cup of coffee and that's it. I *thought* I was drinking caffeinated coffee, but this morning I looked and it turns out it's decaf. I haven't been having any caffeine at all! The obvious response to this is to immediately run out and GET coffee. I had a small vanilla iced coffee from McDonalds. AND I AM WIRED. Can you tell?

We are taking the boys camping this weekend. Just one night in a campground with bathrooms and showers, but still camping. In a tent. On the ground. Should be a total blast. The Pirate is beyond thrilled. We're making smores and cooking hotdogs and burgers. Someone will bring a ton of cookies and snacks. Someone else will have the watermelon. We'll have beer. Anyone have any good suggestions for camping with kids and babies?

Did you enter my contest yet? What about this one? Go go, do it now!


  1. I added my blogroll when a group of folks on LibraryThing started a webring, but I have been considering either taking it down or trimming it way back for some time. I really want the blogroll to be blogs I enjoy reading, and I've noticed that some of the blogs don't post that often or that the reviews are rather insubstantial. I think adding the folks who comment on your blog is a good way to start.

    My one suggestion for camping with kids: flashlights! When we camped, my parents would give each of us a flashlight and send us off to explore the "woods" around our campsite (really about 4 trees). Was always tremendous fun.

  2. I don't have a blogroll - I have always been afraid of starting one and then having it be outdated with bad links. I just put the blogs I like to read every day in my favorite file and go from there.
    I love camping. Reading around the campfire at night - heaven!

  3. I've been thinking about getting rid of my link list on my blog. I used to use it to do my blog hopping before I discovered google reader (via you!), but now I don't use it or update it. I only have about 50 blogs in my reader (and like it that way--I'd go crazy with any more), but I don't really feel that I need to have 50 links on my side bar. Not sure, though.

    Have a GREAT time camping! I've been wanting to go for months but now it's too hot and probably will be until September and by then my sister will be nice and pregnant and probably not want to go roughing it. SO...enjoy the beer and watermelon! :)

  4. I've been thinking about re-doing my blog roll and using Blogger's recent addition where it just shows those blogs that are updated often. Haven't found time to do it yet, and I'm like you, scared of leaving someone off it. I think if/when I manage to do it, I'll just ask people to check it and if they aren't there and want to be, let me know!

  5. I went back and forth about my blogroll but I finally came up with a compromise -

    I use Google Reader to keep up with everyone, and finally found a way to just post all the blogs I subscribe to in a collapsible list on my blog. That way it doesn't take a lot of space, but if anyone wants to see who I read on a regular basis, the list is there. Once I got it set up it's fairly easy to update when I add a new blog to my Google Reader subscriptions.

    The link for the expandable blogroll info is here - I created a html link list and used that for the box content:

  6. Have fun camping.

    You know I don't have any advice about blogrolls so I won't even hazard a guess at what you should do.

  7. While camping be really careful when toasting marshmallows! When I was three or four I burned my lip really bad on one and I still remember it twenty years later.

    Great blog! I'll try to visit again!

  8. I think I've fallen behind the times on my blog, to be honest. SuziQ of Blogging My Books mentioned she has a feature that compresses her blog roll. I love that. And, a lot of people have added third columns and tabs. Those are things I hope to look into when I'm done dealing with my mother's possessions.

    I've made the mistake of leaving people off, but I haven't taken the time to figure out how you put blogs on Google Reader because of continuing email trouble. I don't know what the deal is, but I've tried three different email programs (Outlook Express, Firefox and Thunderbird) and all three have fritzed out on me. Right now, I'm just using my yahoo back-up mail because I can't even OPEN my Thunderbird account. So, I'd be missing all those Google Reader updates, even if I was subscribed. Sigh. I need to become a computer whiz, just for grins.

    BTW, congrats on eliminating caffeine. I periodically take myself off caffeine, but it never lasts long.

  9. I'm catching up on my reader -- 'cause I was camping. I'm hoping to hear how your trip was!


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