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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Finally, successful camping!

Since the first couple camping trips of the year met with rain and sickness, so we were a little worried last Friday when we set out under cloudy skies. We stopped for gas on the way out of town, and sure enough, it started to rain. It's about an hours drive to the campground we were at and it rained almost the entire way there. Just as we got in the park the rain stopped and we were able to unload the car, get settled in the cabin, and have a quick run at the playground before dark. We were booked for the first cabin as we entered the campground, and while we had hesitations about being right inside the gate, it turned out that we were directly across the street from the playground, which was awsome. The playground was occupied by these sheep as we arrived, but they moved on before we were ready to play.

After a tough time getting the Pirate to sleep that night, we all slept fairly well. We had the window open and the heater on (what? it's not like we had to pay utilities!) and it soon started to rain and rained most of the night. As usual, the babybug was the first one awake in the morning. He and I took a little walk to the bathroom and as we came back to the cabin we saw this guy out for his morning stroll as well. We only saw one other person awake and moving then, and the sun was just peeking over the trees. Bug and I wrapped ourselves well and sat by the (non-burning) fire until the other two woke up.

We loaded in the car for a drive since it's more common to see elk in the early morning. We saw white tail deer, mule deer, antelope, and turkeys, but no elk. We swug by the camp store for some bait (corn) and some coffee and headed back. The big boys fished for a while (no luck) while buggy and I read.

About noon, the inlaws showed up and we made some lunch. Some fishing, some hiking, some napping and it was dinner time. We all went for dinner at the lodge, then took another elk-less nature drive. The second night we had a huge fire and some marshmallows. I don't love eating them, but the smell of marshmallows on the campfire has to be one of the best smells ever. Everyone went to sleep without a hassle the second night. We woke up early and headed back into town to get some things done. All in all, a GREAT trip and best of all, no one got sick!
PS Anyone know the secret to putting pictures in blogger and actually having the spacing turn out like you want it to? I can't seem to do it.


  1. Um, those don't look like sheep to me.

  2. They are big horn sheep, only the horns aren't so big yet. Like on this page:

  3. It sounds like you had a great time, Lisa!

    I wish I could help you with the pictures. I have such a hard time with it myself. :-(

  4. I didn't recognize those as sheep at first either. Very cute!

    If you figure out the secret to posting pictures, let me know. I always set the centering to "none" and just post them like that, but it never looks like I want it to.

  5. It takes time to get the pictures where you want them. I do a lot of dragging, dropping and back-spacing to fix spacing and then it still sometimes comes out all wrong -- so I edit till it's right. Unless I'm having a fussy day and then I just leave it. To drag and drop, just hold down your left mouse button and drag your photo where you want it to go. If you're dragging it past a lot of text, you can hold the mouse button down and drag to the bottom of the screen and it will keep paging down.

  6. First--yay, sounds like you had a great time!! Second--pictures + blogger = bleh! I can never seem to get it right.


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