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Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

It's Labor Day! Are you working? I'm not. THANK GOD. My husband took the Pirate to work with him, which kind of turned out to be a bad idea, but for now they are gone. The bug is sleeping on my lap. It is quiet. Ahhhh. I'd go back to bed but I hate to waste time to myself that way.

We've had a hugely busy weekend. On Saturday I took the boys to the park where we discovered a PIRATE SHIP. Ok, not really, but a large wooden play structure that seemed very much LIKE a pirate ship. We played on it for hours, literally. Saturday evening the Pirate and his daddy went to a local high school football game and watched his cousin play his first Varsity game. The bug and I stayed home and I did some sewing. Yesterday, the boys and I met a friend at the newly found pirate ship and then went for lunch. Things fell apart yesterday afternoon, when the Pirate CLEARLY didn't nap enough. Fortunately, we have today to try and recover.

(Yeah, that COULD have been a good picture!)

I've been reading and reading- I finished Death's Acre and hope to review it today or tomorrow. I've been working hard to read A Nation of Wimps. My online discussion starts on Wednesday and it's not looking good for finishing it. I really want to read it, but it's just killing me. The idea is that parents are too overprotective and are raising kids who can't think on their own and (I think this is his point) will weaken our country when they are in charge. It should have been left as a magazine article. The author repeats himself over and over. I think a high school senior could have written it better. Plus, he keeps talking about how it's the Stay at Home Moms who are increasingly insane about parenting, and is so insulting that I want to scream. And I'm NOT a SAHM. Anyway, you can look forward to that review soon too.

Finally, I got some sewing done and posted two new items to my store this morning. This is called the Christine Correspondence Kit, named after a good friend of mine who persists in sending actual letters through the mail, even when I suck at returning them. Head on over and check them out.


  1. Day off for me too! Hooray!

    I hate the books that should have stayed an article.

  2. I am pleased to say I am not working today either. Whew!

    It sounds like you had a great weekend--very busy too. Mine was much more laid back. I've been cramming in a little reading so I can have my reviews ready while I'm gone.

    I love the Christine Correspondence Kits! I've gotten out of the habit recently of writing real letters too. I really should get back into it. It's been a while since I wrote to my mother (I do talk to her by phone every week).

    Have a great week!

  3. *BUZZ*!!
    You have been *BUZZ*ed. Consider this your official warning. Even though I often don't know what to say, I want to let you know that I stop by every so often (translate as almost every day! hahaha!). Think I'll try to BUZZ you from time to time just so you know I DO read your blog! ^-^
    Laura H...

  4. No work today either!! Woohoo!! It will be a long time until the next holiday (Thanksgiving) so I'm trying to take advantage by being an absolute bum. :)

    Could have been a good picture--BUT it is the picture that will go in the album and be cherished forever. Those pictures, to me, are the best.

  5. Lisa, your reaction raises questions about your ability to lead a fair discussion on the well. you are not the first person to dislike my message, but you certainly are the first to say the book could have been written better by a high school senior. perhaps your extreme dislike of the message has tainted your opinion of the writing. ya know, a kind of shoot the messenger thing. hey...i'm just raising the question. hara

  6. With all due respect, hara, I am not the Lisa who is leading the discussion. Good job on making a first impression!

    Examples of the writing- pages 50-51- there are 8 new paragraphs in my copy. In 6 of them, the first sentences has the word "perfectionism", and in the 7th, the word "perfect." I realize that chapter is called "Parenting to Perfection" but the word "perfect/perfection/perfectionism" appears 23 times in those two pages. It's nearly unreadable.

    This is just one example.


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