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Friday, October 31, 2008

Got Candy?

We do!

Actually, we only filled one plastic bucket before calling it a night. The Pirate had a lot of fun, the Bug went right to sleep in the stroller. The first time someone held the bowl of candy out for the Pirate to choose his own, he said "whoa" and tried to take the whole bowl. Good try!

He has now had more candy than a 3 year old should have in one evening and I suspect bedtime is a long time coming. (Our theory on Halloween being- it's one night a year, knock yourself out.)


  1. My three year old thought trick or treating was awesome. This was his first year. I know he'll wake up in the morning and ask for candy first thing!

  2. They are darling! We decided to sit on our front porch to pass out candy last night and really confused a lot of kids - they still wanted to go to the front door.

  3. Too cute!! We had some cute kiddos coming by but WAY too much candy as usual. By the end I was giving away hand fulls to the kids...

    Glad you guys had a great time!

  4. Adorable, both looking at the camera, too!

    I don't have a picture of our gang - LW12 was out with a friend, LM10 was sick in bed, LW6 was rearing to go, and LM4 didn't want his pic taken :(

  5. I totally flaked out and we didn't do ANYthing for it this year. I am sooooo sad. It is Jessica's first and everything!
    Sometimes I really don't like living in Japan... It can be quite discouraging at times (and yes, I mostly blame Japan for my lack of motivation this time around...)

  6. That is too too cute. Great costumes!


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