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Monday, October 06, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Last week was our 4th wedding anniversary. I didn't post then, cause I wanted a picture to post with it. Every year we have someone take a picture of our small family on our anniversary. Here they are, in reverse order:


  1. What a great idea! The pictures are wonderful. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations! You have such a beautiful family. Give them extra hugs and kisses.

  3. Congratulations Lisa! And where the heck do the Pirate and Bug get their goldilocks from??

  4. What a great thing to have! A photo from each anniversary! That will be so fun to look back on over the years. You should add a wedding day shot here, just to round it out. :-)


  5. Happy anniversary, Lisa! What a lovely family! Thank you for sharing the photos. :-)

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Trish, it seems that most of the kids in both families have the golden hair, regardless of their parents. Both my husband and I were blondies.

    Lezlie, I'd love to add the wedding shot, but for whatever reason I don't have a digital one. I DO have a scanner, though. I'll make a note to work on that! I have this Hallmark book for your anniversary that you put one picture in every year, and then make a note about how you celebrated and stuff. It's gonna be cool to look at in 10 or 20 years.

  7. Beautiful pictures - year after year! Thanks for posting these! Those monkeys are getting BIG!

  8. That's a great idea, to have a photo every anniversary! Happy Anniversary!

  9. Happy anniversary! And like everyone else said, what a great idea for pictures. :)


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