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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

TBR Day- Cerulean Sins by Laurell K Hamilton

Ok, this is a BIG one. It's been on my shelf making me nervous for YEARS. Every time a new Anita Blake book comes out, I dutifully add it to my paperbackswap wishlist and then don't read it, but finally, I broke the hold.

Cerulean Sins is the 11th book in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series. I read the first one, Guilty Pleasures, in 2001. I LOVED it. I had read a little fantasy prior to this, but fantasy is very clearly a different world. This is the first thing I'd ever read that took place in MY world, and had elements of the paranormal. Elements? More like was FULL OUT paranormal. I loved the first one so much, that I called my S.O. to stop at the bookstore on his way home from work to bring me the second one. THAT DAY. No, it couldn't wait. This was the first (and probably last) time I ever had someone go to the bookstore for me. He brought me the next four. I read them all within just a very few days. I bought them all and didn't stop for air.

The first five or six books in the series were tremendous, and for me, groundbreaking. So many new things, such a great new world. Anita was kickass. She could raise the dead! She was somewhat immune to vampires and she was the Executioner. (I had not at this point ever seen Buffy.) She was hot for Jean-Claude- a vampire! Then Richard comes along and while I didn't love him, I loved the triangle. The threesome get more powerful, a force to be reconned with, and then thats when it happens. The ardeur. Bleh. If ever a worst plot line was ever invented. The series starts to get a bit sketchy. Anita loses some of her principles because of the ardeur. Some? The ardeur makes her need s-x* like a vampire needs blood. Literally. By the first half of Cerulean Sins, she's been with six different men in a situation that I would call intimate. Now, I'm no prude. I appreciate a good story as well as the next person, but REALLY? It's like 24 hours since the book started.

Apparently, Belle Morte, the vampire that created Jean-Claude and Asher's line has the power of desire. Any kind of desire, but of course, this one is her special gift. So through her connection to Jean-Claude, now Anita has the ardeur. Since she's so new at it, it has to be fed every twelve hours. And this wears out a lot of men! Nathanial almost DIES from it!

As for the rest of the story- Belle Morte vs. Jean-Claude, vampire politics, supernatural serial killer does gory things, Zebrowski mentions Anita puking on a body, Richard still hates Anita, her undies still match. What else? The rest of the book feels somewhat like the Anita of old. The opening scene had me hopeful that all would be ok. By the end- I'm not so sure. It did grab my attention (not like the first few did!) and I read it pretty quickly, given my life and the amount of free time I have lately. I think I'll give her one last chance with book 12, and then put the series back on hold. I really hope she pulls out of this, or gets control, or whatever it takes to go back to the Anita we used to know.

*I decided that given the rest of the content of my blog that I shouldn't make it easy to google some words and come here. Hope ya'll dont mind.

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  1. I gave up on this series a few books back. But I'm with you on the first five or six. They were awesome!


  2. Oh, completely agree with you. Once the ardeur was introduced, I think the whole focus of the series changed, because now it's all around how Anita can fulfil the ardeur's requirements. It's almost a different series altogether, IMO.

  3. Such a talented author but her books went DOWNHILL when she introduced the "arduer" or whatever the heck that is that possess Anita to sleep with everything with a pulse (or not).



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